Save yourself a Spot in the only shopping Mall in Nathdwara!

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Make your all-too-spiritual trips, a family leisure weekend at the first Mall in Nathdwara.

Miraj Meridian is a luxury mall in Rajsamand, Rajasthan- your ultimate go to entertainment destination. The mall exhibits luxury amenities and sits in proximities with nearby attractions such as Shrinathji Temple, Statue of Belief (World’s Tallest Shiva Statue) and Rajsamand Lake.



Country Inn

Party Lounge

High Street Retail

Commercial Suites


Kids Play Area

Organized Mall


Entertainment Zone

Restaurant & Food Court



Save yourself a Spot in the only shopping Mall in Nathdwara !

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For years Nathdwara has been a tourist hub spot, we decided to leverage the opportunity to give away modern experience at lengths and compliment the traditional spiritual feel of the city.

Miraj Meridian is the only shopping Mall in Nathdwara. The modern and chic architecture of the mall sits at extreme proximity with the major tourist places in Nathdwara such as Shrinathji Temple, Statue of Belief- the world’s tallest Shiva Statue, Nathdwara Local Markets and much more.

Built by Miraj Developers Ltd. (subsidiary of India’s leading business group Miraj), the mall is acquitted with unique experiences. Vibrancies of modern architecture and infrastructure make it a beautiful contrast that balances the traditional tourist attraction of the city. Fine Diners, Retail, Party lounges, Sports bars, Cineplex, hyper marts, commercial and hospitality services are being constructed in this modern multi-utility, multi-brand shopping mall in Nathdwara.

Why to Invest In Us?

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The Location

It is one of the most sought-after weekend destinations and has one of the maximum footfalls in Rajasthan, India. The location as a benefit of shopping malls as investment in Nathdwara is tried and true..

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High on Investment Guaranteed

We are the only multi-brand shopping mall in Nathdwara, and the very first Mall in the region. This ultimate selling point of Miraj Meridian is bound to stream large tourist base to the mall in the high end stores.

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Commercial cum Tourist Spot

It completes the touristy needs of national and international tourist footfall. Modern leisure amenities will be served at Nathdwara, Rajasthan, inspiring more tourism into the city.

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What You Can Expect


Country Inn & Suites

Luxury comes with your-comfort-first approach.

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson are now in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. Miraj Meridian presents you an ultimate comfortable and hospitable stay in Rajasthan to help you take a long, relaxing, well-deserved leap from your regular life in the tranquility and touristy air of Nathdwara.

Trusted by name for quality stays, as Country Inn says, “hospitality is more personal”, we bring you a three star experience. Here are modern amenities including swimming pool, spa, bar lounge, high-end restaurant, banquet and luxury suites.

Hotel Country Inn & Suites


Miraj Cinema

The first-ever Cineplex at Nathdwara!

World class cinematic experiences are fabricated in the comfort of multiplex. Miraj Cinemas brings you enriched Hollywood, Bollywood and regional cinema screening in Nathdwara. Now entertainment at Nathdwara doesn’t always have to be touristic but you can leverage the modern amenities too.

Recliner seating, Dolby sound, 240+ stadium sitting space, dedicated snack and waiting lounge area, two auditoriums and so much more.

Miraj Cinemas

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We sit central to the Beautiful Nathdwara Tourism Triangle!


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