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Features that Work in the Favour of Popularity for a Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are full of life, so much so that they are loved by one and all, age no bar. As soon as we enter the mall, we get to hear different sounds of whirling masses and good music all around. With limitless options to have fun, eat, shop, etc. it is one overwhelming place […]

Know the Benefits of Leasing Commercial Space in Meridian Mall

Leasing retail space is one tiresome task that calls for a lot of effort and time invested in researching the various factors. It takes smart planning, budgeting, and implementation to finally get a place that meets your company’s requirements without biting big on your budget. When you are hunting for perfect office space, shopping malls […]

How can Nathdwara be an Ideal destination to go on a small vacation?

Out of 365 days in the calendar, there are approx 60 holidays plus the weekends here in India. In addition to that, there are so many holidays that come sandwiched with the weekends. And that is the best time to fly to some nearby tourist destinations and unwind along with making memories that will last […]

How can Shopping Malls be a perfect place for your Employees’ day out?

Offices are the place where one has to be their most productive self. People work on their dream job and give their 100 percent. But monotony in the job & lack of fun often deprives the motivation out of everyone. As a result, employees start getting vibes of doom and gloom from their workplace eventually. […]

Shopping Malls are the new Office Spaces

Setting up our own personal office is a dream that resides in our heart. But growing up to knowing the extremities one has to deal with in setting up and maintaining an office, is tiresome. It takes a lot of human resources as well as proper budget-scheming to run an office successfully. We have to […]

Top 8 tourist attractions in and near Udaipur that are a must visit

Udaipur is one picturesque city of Rajasthan that is filled with so many tourist attractions that people around the world just can’t get enough of it. People from around the globe come and again to simply feel lost by wandering through its enchanting narrow streets. They love sitting beside its enrapturing lakes and water bodies. […]

7 Reasons why one can go to Mall Everyday

Modern-day atrocities of bearing the workload and grappling to and fro between the home and workplace sucks the happiness out of an individual. Things keep cluttering in your life and you just do not get time to unwind and relax. We all tend to procrastinate on taking care of our inner peace and contentment, as […]

5 Things you will Love about Miraj Meridian Mall

The first mall in Nathdwara opens soon and we can’t wait to share all the amazing features it is loaded with for fun, entertainment and of course shopping! For our generation Z, it becomes arbitrary to spend some casual time with friends and family to always keep the happy quotient high. And why not, being […]

Health and Fun: A new perspective of Miraj Meridian Mall

It is predicted that most of the people today fill up their cupboards and closet with the trendiest items that they buy online while sitting on their couch. Online shopping is appealing and has its own benefits, but with the increase in adoption of a sedentary lifestyle, there is a massive increase in cases of […]

Curative Benefits of a Spa to help you feel Relaxed Inside Out

It is of utmost importance sometimes to shut off the external stimulation and work on achieving inner peace. We are busy urbanites, who exhilarate themselves all throughout the day. While ferrying your kids back and forth to their schools and tuitions or while slogging to meet the office deadlines, we kind of lose ourselves amidst […]