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5 Irresistible milkshakes at Meridian Mall to cool you down!

The weather has changed, and it is getting hotter and hotter each day. But not at Meridian Mall. We have the coolest joint for you to come and enjoy. And, trust us, it will cool you down and make you feel refreshed in these scorching summers. Shakes is a rich milk-based preparation blended with syrups, fruits, or chocolates of your choice.

What is Shakes Farm at Meridian Mall?

Shakes farm is located in Meridian Mall on the top floor, i.e., food court. It is doing a great job of delivering fantastic food and drink options. They create a perfect blend of flavours by mingling the different flavours in thick milk. The secret behind their thick milkshake is unknown, but you can feel the gush of flavours perfectly mixed with milk to provide a smooth, refreshing, and sweet milkshake fantasy. 

Plus, not only shakes, but they also have a delicious menu to give your taste buds the time of their life. From maggie, burger to what not, everything that you need for a fast bite. 

Step aside – Here comes the shake-shake parade!

  • Kit-Kat shake:
    Made from Kit Kat bar, ice cream, milk, vanilla extract, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, this Kit Kat shake from Shakes Farm is one of the things that you don’t want to miss. It is a cool, refreshing and fulfilling drink that will make you dive into the ocean of wafer and chocolate.
    Kit-Kat shake
  • Oreo Mint shake:
    Oreo fans, take note: Shakes Farm offers the best mix of mint, milk, and lots of oreo biscuits. Blended the oreo cookies with a bit of cream, a lot of milk, and mint chocolate, this shake is a favourite among all. Tips – Don’t share it with anyone; you will regret it!
    Oreo Mint shake
  • Strawberry shake:
    Strawberries are a favourite of all! We, too, believe that it is nature’s gift to make this scorching heat a tad more bearable for us. Tangy and sweet, the strawberry shake has a blended, smooth flavour that will make you fall in love.
    Strawberry shake
  • Banana shake:
    Banana shakes are the most popular drink made by blending bananas with toned milk and other ingredients. Shakes farm serves it with a swirl of flavour. It is a convenient option for a quick snack, and also, it is best for those who are strict about their fitness routine. This will help you achieve a healthy weight.
    Banana shake
  • Snicker shake:
    With the tagline – You’re not you when you are hungry! It is the shake that will fill your tummy to the fullest. Made with snicker bars, ice cream, and milk, this is something that you and your family and everyone else will enjoy to the fullest.
    Snicker shake

Enjoy a flavorful ride and a creamy delight at Miraj Meridian Mall. Visit Shakes Farm in the mall’s food court. 

Also, our food court is inviting everyone who wishes to open their restaurant or cafe in the mall. Starting at Just INR 40/-. 


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