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9 Days. 9ways. Make Your Navratri Special!

The Navratri vibes are all here and there is no better chance for us to go shopping, have fun with friends and family and make the most out of it. 

There are 9 days and we have 9 ways in store with which we can make the best of this festival that will make 2020 memorable and at the same time a tad bit relaxing too. 

Today, in this blog, we will tell you how you can make the coming 9 days the best days of your life with Nathdwara’s Miraj Meridian Mall. 

Look at the exciting ways below and see how you can turn 9 ordinary days into extraordinary just by putting in a little effort. 

Here, dive in, have a look! 


  • Do you know that there are jaw-dropping offers on all the top brands that you want to have? 
  • Yes, we are not kidding! You get to avail the best of offers on apparels, jewellery, shoes, bags and what not! 
  • Go ahead, give your first day to grab your favourite things that are under the best offers. We have the top brands which have all the types and choices that you would probably like to have for this navratri. 
  • Come with your friends and family and fill your bags with all that you need! 


Shopping is something that is evergreen whether its festival, birthday, wedding or any occasion, all you do is shopping. So, dedicate your second day wholesomely to shopping. Shop everything you need. For yourself, your family and everyone or anyone you desire!


It’s festive time, so beauty is one of the most obvious things that needs to be there. You need to get yourself refreshed and relaxed for this occasion as that charm of yours is what will make the festival even more special. So, dedicate your third day to a refreshing beauty session only at Champion!


The fourth day will be solely dedicated to food and frolic. There is a big food court at Miraj Meridian which would probably take your heart away. So, go ahead and eat your favourite food and make your heart content! 


This is something that everyone loves to go for! Isn’t it? 

Yes, of course! We all love movies and we can make the best out of a festival by going for a movie together with friends or family and making it a night to remember. The fifth day is packed for cinema! 


The radisson is awaiting your vibrant presence at it with open arms! You may spend one day here with your friends or family and see how relaxing it feels. Sixth day calls for a hotel session! 

Space available 

During the festive season, there is one thing that businessmen genuinely feel. They want to expand their business or get their hands on something which requires space. And, at Miraj Meridian you can get space to start your new business or get some space for a shop. So, you can dedicate your seventh day for this! 

Family time 

The eight day is none other than a sole family time. It’s a grand festival and what should come first is the family for sure. So, take your entire family and come to Miraj Meridian. 

You don’t any reason to be happy 

On the ninth day, you don’t need any reason to be happy! As after these eight days you will automatically find yourself in a mesmerizing aura that will dig deep into you! 

So, this Navratri, celebrate 9 days in 9 different ways and see how exquisite you feel at the end of the festival. Miraj Meridian awaits your esteemed presence. 


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