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Are You Ready For The Much Needed Diwali Makeover?

The festive season is approaching and Diwali is one of those festivals which needs you to look the best at all aspects.
It’s time to revamp your look with all the things that we’re going to tell you to add an oomph factor to your style!

Here we are with the best things with you that will surely make your Diwali happy and memorable. 

Spa time is the best time!

Is there anything more luxurious and relaxing than a spa? Certainly not! Pamper yourself with one of the most splendid and unforgettable experiences at the Ananta Spa and Champion  in Miraj Meridian. 

Getting a massage after a stressful day or having a facial before stepping for a big event, a spa treatment is something that you would love to indulge in.

Get yourself a spa treatment and have some precious ‘me time’ after which you would get the perfect look for an amazing Diwali.

A sensational salon session! 

  • To look the best this Diwali, you need some grooming that will probably bring that glow and charm on your face.
  • Imagine wearing a super stunning dress and you’re not glowing like your skin, then? So, go ahead and get yourself a reviving and shiny skin. 
  • At the same time, if you’re having a tad bit of stress too, then this will actually help you in one or the other way. 
  • Get yourself some stress-relieving salon sessions and see yourself turning into a star of the night!

Get on some luxury jewellery!

This is one of the biggest things that you need to opt for when you get ready for a party. Get yourselves some pretty jewellery from Kavyanjally which is in this mall that matches your outfit and see how fabulous you look. You can opt for a diamond-studded necklace or a gold chain as these are ones that are topping the trend chart.

Also, it is considered a sign of good luck to bring home gold on any auspicious occasion. Therefore, make sure you bring something even if it’s just for the sake of good luck.

Feed your feet with super footwear!

You can try your hands on the best footwears only at Miraj Meridian and you’ll see how these turn heads at the best.

So, On this Diwali, get yourself a makeover with Miraj Meridian and make it a festival to remember. 


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