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Be Winter-Ready With Miraj Meridian Mall!

Winter is here! And, your Instagram is perhaps flooded with winter outfit inspirations from your favourite influencer. But, instead of thinking about who is looking the best? How can I dress stylish like me? What are the inspirations that I can actually follow? And, crying over ‘I am going to miss my summer outfits’! 


Though you have to bid adieu to your favourite summer collection, say hello to stylish winter fashion brought by Meridian Mall! From inspiring new ways to style your favourite turtlenecks to charming details and classic leather jacket, you will fall in love with the fall and winter fashion. 

Let the temperature fall, not your spirit to ‘always look the best’. We have brought you some of the stylish winter outfit inspirations that you can use to turn heads on the city streets. Read them below –

  • Turtlenecks & Offbeat Jewellery:

There is no denying that the turtleneck sweaters are one of the most problematic sweaters if you want to style them right. However, if you style it right, it will come out as the classic outfit that will transform your entire look. 

Go for a turtleneck + black skin-tight jeans + carry a crossbody black leather chain bag. 

You can even add jewellery if you are going to a party. And, for an office look, you can wear a turtleneck top with black trousers and a formal coat on top. Not to forget, pair the outfit with a classy stiletto or formal shoes!

Turtlenecks are of real benefit! It is a one-time investment, and you can create multiple outfits with them. 

  • Trench Coats:

Versatile, raw, and light-weight! Trench coats are a must-have to complete your stylish winter look. These overcoats are the transitional heroes, i.e., you can use them in every season, and almost on every outfit. 

This classic addition can light up every outfit in a fashionable way. Plus, there are different ways to wear trench coats. Famous celebrities and fashion influencers often introduces new styles to wear trench coats, but here are some of the favourites –

  • A long dress, winter long boots, and a trench coat. 
  • A high-waist jeans with sleeveless top and a trench coat of spring colour. 
  • A white shirt, silk scarf, and high-waist jeans with bright color stiletto. 

These are some of the ways that you can try. 

  • Layering style:

Whether it is stockings, dress, sweater, trench coat, and a cute woolen cap, or you go for denim, turtleneck sweater, a trench coat, and high boots, layering style will give you a look that is straight out of VOGUE!

Head to Miraj Meridian Mall to find your winter collection. Whether you want boots, or heels, or looking out for a sweater, coat, and chic bags, we have all the brands at Miraj Meridian. There are Caprese, Flying Machine, United Colors Of Benetton, and many more.


Winter Assets You Must Have!

With the following, you will get the style, but without jewellery, without an extra touch it won’t come out ‘all trendy and stylish’. So, if you want to go for an extra mile, it is important that you look out for the following –


Wearing a heavy jacket? Wearing a dress in winters? Well, then having boots will be a blessing for you. Long boots are versatile, they can make you rock any outfit with minimum efforts. Plus, they make you look tall. 

Pick a pair that has a good fitting and with minimum heels. Make sure you choose the right colour, and if you have any confusion, you can go for black and beige. 

Long boots are favorite of our celebrities too!


Colourful, warm, and with patterns that spruces your pastel outfit perfectly, scarves are one thing that you shouldn’t miss. The pop of colour you need for your outfit is a beautifully designed scarf! Also, you can go for a silk scarf to get the fall or flow that makes you look fashionable and classy. You can explore the ‘W’ collection in Miraj Meridian mall. They also have woolen kurtis to keep you warm and in vogue. 

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Style the scarf differently!

These were some of the winter outfit inspirations especially for you! Want to buy anything? Or your winter wardrobe is empty and outdated? It is time to revamp. Head to Miraj Meridian Mall to explore the collection while sipping on a delicious shake by Shake Plus. 


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