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Bura Mano Even If Holi Hai! – An Initiative by Miraj Meridian Mall

For once, let’s remove the colours of Holi and see the real colours. We are harming animals unknowingly; we are not taking the consent of putting colours on the women; we are not respecting our duty towards saving water. 

So, this Holi, we, Miraj Meridian Mall, wants everyone to pledge towards a better way to celebrate the festival. This time play Holi adhering to the three-pointers –

Don’t make others cry, play dry!

play Holi

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Not just on Holi, it is our dire duty to follow this for the 364 days too. If you waste water this year, a bucketful of water comes at an unparalleled cost. India had two years of deficient monsoon, and the water table is going down day by day, so we have to pledge to save water. Instead of the pichkari, go for Tilak Holi tradition.

And, not only this day, ensure that you take reasonable steps to save water for the other days of the year too. 

See the Holi through the other point!

Yes, you might enjoy colouring your friends forcefully, but this isn’t the case. They won’t be liking the touch, and you should always take the person’s consent before splashing the colours. This Holi, if you don’t want to play – SAY A LOUD NO! Make sure you are safe and be with your trust-worthy friends and family. 

Bura Na Maano Holi Hai

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The famous slogan – Bura Na Maano Holi Hai, was something for fun, but now it has become the ‘Assault Jingle’ of the country. Hooliganism under the festival tradition should never be accepted. There are cases of forceful touching, lewd comments, and physical harassment during the Holi festival. We can stop this behaviour! 

If it has happened to you, step up and report an FIR against the person.

Be safe!

Your festival can turn out to be dangerous for them!

Don’t throw colours on animals

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Have a cruelty free Holi! Don’t throw colours on animals; it can give them allergies, and they might lick the chemical. The powders used during the festival are made from synthetic colours that contain toxic chemicals that can cause skin allergies, rashes, or even cause blindness in the animals.

Miraj Meridian Mall wants you to adhere to – Safe Holi Practices that are fun for you and environmentally friendly!

If you are looking for a place to enjoy your Holi holiday, then visit Miraj Meridian Mall. You can plan a movie time with your family and friends, or even go for having mouth-watering cuisines in our food court. 



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