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What’s the fun in life without some mystery, fun, luck and excitement? A game show is best when it is packed with all these elements. One of the most whopping and the most favored game shows of India- KHUL JA SIM-SIM was once hosted at Miraj Meridian. The game was hosted on 23rd February 2020 by the popular celebrity – Mr. Aman Verma.

The game consisted of 5 rounds. Each round gave a chance to 15 people to participate, and the same were selected from chits. The same draws and entries were submitted by the visitors of the mall.

Finally, only three out of them were finalized to be played and were eligible for winning exciting gifts and rewards. There were three lucky doors in the name of KHUL JA SIM-SIM and out of them only two doors had the prizes, and the third one had TAI-TAI PHISS only – Just like the prototypical format of the game show.

Eventually, two lucky participants won the bonanza. The bumper gifts had an exhilarating travel package. The 1st winner got the international one week trip with accommodation to Malaysia. The 2nd runner up won travel tickets and accommodation for the Goa trip. The professional event management team who organized and managed the entire show at Miraj Median was Pink Entertainment and Colliers International.

Mr. Mantraraj Paliwal, Mr. Sanjay Prabhu and Mr. Rajesh Mehta were the dignities who joined the event. The jamboree was a big hit which contributed immensely to the popularity of Miraj Meridian.


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