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The smartest thing a woman can do is, make time for fun! Celebrating International Women’s day, we organized a Kitty Party event, and our event partner was My FM. The event was hosted by RJ Mahiya on the special and distinctive occasion of women’s day. The entire Miraj Median was festooned delightfully, especially for the honor and salutation of females. The ambiance was full of celebration, and the event attracted more than 300 female participants.

A lot of ladies from the crowd performed on stage and brought forward their hidden talent in the eyes of the public. There was a lot of dancing, singing, acting, and other such pursuits which proved superlative to add on to the delight of ladies. The best of the performers won many invigorating prizes that had been arranged by management and My FM.

Even a mouthwatering and majestic brunch was arranged for all from the My FM family. We thoroughly enjoyed the day, celebrating it with the people who give birth to and nurture the human race, with love and respect they totally deserve!


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