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Advantages of having food courts inside the shopping malls

Advantages of having Food Courts inside the Shopping Malls

Half of our heart belongs to the food and the rest half to the other prioritized things in life. Sticking firmly to this fact, shopping malls have productively come up with the idea of having a dedicated space for food inside the shopping mall. No matter how far we go on the scale of modernization, we never tend to forget the joy of shopping on the streets with our parents back in the good old days. It still lingers in our memories how we used to see our mothers shop the best things for us, and then feed us with the mouth-watering ‘Golgappas’ and various other delicious street foods.

With the reformation in the shopping culture, shopping centers have shifted from local street stores to having high-end retail stores in malls. The reasons are obvious, more fashion-driven traffic, better branding, more profit, and entertainment. So, people naturally tend to choose malls for shopping because they get to experience avid entertainment options and witness cool happenings at the atrium inside the mall alongside getting their much-needed fashion doze. To add to their goodness, shopping malls now have inculcated the culture of having open food courts inside the mall, to help you relive the good old days. Although there is no loss only gain in having these exhilarating food court plans in malls, I am going to state 5 solid reasons why the advent of the food court in shopping malls is a trending concept:

1. Good food, Good family time

Whether you choose to go shopping inside the mall or not, Food courts are still going to be a very sophisticated place to take your family out for dining. Food zones are also a very convenient place to quench your hunger, after watching your favorite movie inside the multiplex in the mall. Moreover, although their food culture is inherited from generic street food shops, they assure you super healthy food with the top quality service. We can only afford to risk our body with junk food once in a long while. But when you are a frequent mall visitor, then food court ensures serving the multiple food cuisines taking care of hygiene on priority. Also, it is legit a successful concept for the people love to grab their favorite food on the go.

2. Fair and decent eating space

Coming with the surplus convenience, food zones offer an enthralling exclusive dining space with a refreshing ambiance. Its relaxing charm and beguiling food aroma invite guest at any time of the day. According to mythology, ‘Food is a Gift and it must be treated with gratitude.’ This emphasizes the fact of how important it is to do mindful eating. There are various hormones that get triggered while we eat hastily or improperly, thus killing the wholesomeness of that meal. Therefore, it is utterly important to eat in an environment that is unruffled and relaxing. The food zones inside the mall offer such aura to unwind and enjoy your favorite meals in.

3. Entertainment all around

Food cannot be consumed in boredom. Either people have a habit of sitting in front of the TV and then eat the delicacies served or they have friends & family members sitting with them while eating. So it is mandatory to have some entertainment around the corner. Present day shopping malls have so many fun activities happening on the spot that they become the most favorable place to hang out with friends over some pizza and fries.

4. Multiple food-cuisines for one and all

In a group of friends, anything can be possible, but all the people choosing to appetite the same food cuisine can’t be possible. Some choose to eat North-Indian Cuisine while some choose to have South-Indian food and the remaining might be having some another varying idea of food. So, at the food court, there are varying flavors of food items that are available to satiate the taste of one and all. This automatically takes the boredom off the table so that all can have an amazing merry time.

5. Fruitful Investment Opportunity

Not only can you be a visitor and enjoy the frolic in the mall but you can also be an investor and own a spot inside the shopping Mall. We know it is the best revenue generating option to own a shop at a place that naturally attracts a lot of visitors coming for various reasons. Meridian Mall in Nathdwara, which is going to be the first ever shopping mall in the city, is also going to be a promising place to invest in. One of the major reasons why one should rent a store in Meridian mall is the fact that it is located at the closest proximity to the tallest Shiva statue in Nathdwara.

Food courts help the mall to keep the shoppers longer. So, the more they shop, the more productive food courts prove to be. People love to gather around and socialize over food and that too at a place that is so much pumped with fun and frolic. So, whether it is an opportunity to rent or book a slot in the shopping mall, or to just go and have the best time of your lives, food courts are an amazing concept.


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