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Food Paradise In Meridian Mall!

Food Paradise In Meridian Mall!

Food is what makes a great mood! And, we at Miraj Meridian Mall take it very seriously. We know how shopping can be draining, deciding between two fantastic outfits to go up and down the mall to find the best, it can surely make one super tired. 

Before you head out of the mall and regret not eating anything exotic, we want you to get acquainted with the food paradise in our mall. Yes, the Miraj Meridian Mall brings you the best food court where you can let your tongue have the time of its life. 

Indulge in the ocean of flavours from national and international boundaries at Miraj Meridian Mall!

Phenomenal taste?

Amazing choices?

Best flavours?

Smooth texture that just melts in your mouth?

Everything that you want from a delicacy is here at the Mall! 

What do we have?

Shakes Farm 

Shakes Farm

Understanding that making food is an art, Shakes Farm at the mall’s food court is doing a great job delivering the best to its customers. They create just the right blend of flavours by mingling the different ingredients to satiate your hunger. 

They have the best good healthy milkshake recipe that can be hard to find anywhere in Nathdwara. They combine the creamy texture of milk with the flavours of your choice. From sweet strawberries to yummy chocolate, every taste is perfect, refreshing, and fills your tummy with the goodness of fruity and delicious flavours. 

Plus, not only shakes, they have the bite fantasies too! Maggie, burger, and whatnot! 

The current offer at Shakes Farm – Maggi + Fries + Coke only at INR 120/-!

Shake Plus

Exotic food options? And, a supporting beverage to lift the mood? Well, welcome to the Shake Plus at Miraj Meridian Mall. Whether you are looking out for an exotic toasted pizza with coke by the side or you are looking out for a shake with fries, Shake Plus is an exclusive a/c vegetarian food-court that you can visit anytime. 

Shake Plus

It is the ideal place to create happy moments with family and friends. Also, if you are looking for a place to give your friends a birthday treat or have a flavorful party, head to the Shake Plus. They have an exotic range of shakes, Italian cuisine, Chinese, Mexican, and many more to fill your tummy and soothe your soul.

The current offer at Shake Plus – Veg. delight pizza + burger + fries + coke/coffee just at INR 299/-



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