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Inspirations For Your Nine-to-five Closets At Miraj Meridian

The back-to-work season is all here! 

There might be a few people who would feel a little strange or unfamiliar while heading to the office after all this while but there is something which will make y0u feel a little less anxious this time.

This can turn out to be a real good thing for you as this will make you feel calmer, confident and there will be a boost of energy in your morning.

By planning what to wear in the morning, you will feel much more organized at the job and at the same time you’ll feel confident in whatever style you wear. 

And here we are to help you with how you can style yourself every morning while going to the office. We’ll tell you some casual along with formal outfits that you can wear while heading to the office. 

In our opinion, why should style be reserved for just Saturday and Sunday? Style can be infused in your work on Monday and Wednesdays too! Right? 

From business formals to chic skirts, dressing classy and fashionable is not an easy job at all. 

Here, have a look at the styles below! 

  • Patterned suits

What comes to your mind when you hear of black tailored suits? Certainly, something like ‘office-appropriate’. To make it a little more stylish, go for a patterned suit. You can go for anything from a tartan print to stripes or florals. You might not know but this outfit can turn out to be fun for your routine workwear and at the same time will spice up your wardrobe too. This will be a little less casual if you’re going for a client meeting, but for your regular work, this will be perfect. 

You can also pair it with a high neck T-shirt along with boots if you want to add a cool and relaxed vibe to it. 

  • Dressed up denim 

You can take your fashion game to a completely next level with trendy new denim pieces from and get heads turning.Casual denim can work perfectly in a business setting if you are willing to dress it up. You can go for anything skinny and straight-leg styles to long denim skirts, everything will work well during the week. You can also pair your denim with some sophisticated pieces like a black blazer, white blouse and black heels. 

  • Turtleneck with a skirt 

Don’t you think that while dressing up for office doesn’t always mean a collared shirt with tailored pants? It certainly does not! 

There are many other outfits too which can bring a smart aesthetic while mixing things up. And a turtleneck with a skirt is a perfect example of this match. You will see that this pair creates a sophisticated and polished look. 

 You can wear this combination on any day of the week and get that chic and laid-back look. If you want a neat look, then go for a tucked-in sweater with heels. Sticking to neutral hues will make you look even stylish and classy. 

  • Cropped pants and tucked-in tops

If you want to nail the perfect casual office look, go for chic and comfortable items. Such outfits are ideal for bringing the appearance of laid-back sophistication. An incredible example of such a clothing piece is a pair of cropped trousers. Whether you’re slim-leg or wide, cropped pants in a high-quality fabric are beyond perfect for bringing that casually elegant office outfit. In order to complete the outfit, all you need to do is pair your cropped pants with a tucked-in, cool casual top.


These are the different styles that you can go for in order to turn heads the moment you enter the office!

Solids or stripes? Clean cuts or edgy tones? You can choose anything to turn your ordinary day into a wow one. 

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