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Kids play area in shopping malls

How Kids Play Area in Shopping Malls Making Shopping more Convenient

Shopping time is the most treasured and private time for women, more than for anyone else, simply because they find it therapeutic. Women have a power of shopping for good three hours without showing a sign of fatigue, instead of feeling refresh more than ever. Women take fashion very seriously, moreover, with the introduction of high end branded retail stores in Meridian Mall Nathdwara, there are so many options to look forward to.

Most men do not like shopping without a reason except when it comes to shopping for cars and gadgets. In fact, they love to shop fashion only at the last minute with the clear idea of what they want. In either of the cases, none of them loves to feel interrupted while trying to make important closet choices. But the entire shopping haul becomes more tiring and less fun when you have kids to care of simultaneously. No matter how much you love your kids, you can’t deny the fact that even the sweetest kids turn into monsters when they pass by their favorite toy shop in the shopping malls.

To come to your rescue, many shopping malls have adopted the idea of having a dedicated Kids’ Play Area. This can keep your kids entertained while you can shop and have your own gala time meandering inside the mall, thus creating a win-win situation. At these kids’ play zones, kids not only playfully interact with other kids but also learn many comradeship values. Also, when the grown-up kids need an escape after their tiring schedule or they want to spend some fun time during their summer vacations, game zones are the safest option. Let us brief you about how shopping malls are becoming the new entertainment hub for kids as well.

1. Gaming zones

This place does not only promise to entertain kids and various other people with interesting games but also helps kids enhance interpersonal relationships, communication skills, and team spirit. While you tootle from one shop to another, your kids can make new friends and enjoy all by themselves. With bowling being the most common one, Miraj Meridian Mall is also bringing other interactive games in Nathdwara.

2. Kids’ car rides in Malls

Little kids do not like standing at the same still at the place for long intervals, so to keep them engaged, there are kids’ car rides that give them a tour of the entire mall. There are double Decker kid’s buses or trains that are also introduced in some of the malls. Tiny tots love such rides and they fancy a cute car, which takes them to the world of their own fantasies.

3. Protected environment to play outdoor games

It has become a growing trend of playing indoor cricket, squash, and football like sports inside the well-settled stadiums. Therefore, shopping malls now have such fun zone to keep the grown-up kids and adults involved.

4. Horror House in malls

With its uniquely creative infrastructure and amazing lighting effects, horror house is the place that gives a rush of dopamine and takes the level of enjoyment to the next level. Such exposures can help kids be bold and fearless. Miraj Meridian mall is all set to bring the first horror house in Nathdwara to help people come out of their cocoons and explore themselves.

5. Adventure activities

There is another option to choose when your kids do not really enjoy indoor sports. Some outdoor adventure activities like bungee jumping, wall climbing, and Inflatable Mickey are also the most loved ones.

So, the good news is that there is a wholesome package of entertainment for kids also now in the shopping malls so that you can shop till you drop. Moreover, all these games and sports are tried and tested and are performed under experts supervision, thus making them a reliable option to hand your kids. Meridian mall in Nathdwara is also going to have a kids’ play area, to enhance your shopping experience like never before.


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