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Love is in the air at Miraj Meridian Mall

Love is in the air at Miraj Meridian Mall

Excited? Nervous? Or waiting for your crush to come across? Valentine’s day brings in a whirlwind of emotions. It offers lovers many ways to express their feelings, to showcase how much they value their love. Everyone finds ways to communicate and appreciate the people who they love or adore. Some people take their loved ones for a romantic dinner at a restaurant, some of them propose their crush, while some just sit at home making home-cooked food for their partner to show them how much they love them. 

Valentine’s day also offered us a day to express how much we love you!

The first mall of Nathdwara has a different way to show that ‘WE LOVE YOU’. Though we might not be the first to strike your mind, we value you, we love you and want you to enjoy this day to the fullest. 

So, here it is how we express our love for you – VALENTINE’S DAY OFFERS!

Yes, not only love, but offers are here in the air of the first mall of Nathdwara. We know you are all confused about what to gift your loved ones, so we put that to a little ease by giving you all the offers and discounts. 

Many people give greeting cards, chocolates, jewellery or flowers, and we have got you covered for the other things. Explore our Valentine’s day offers –

  • M-Square:
    The first mall of Nathdwara can drench you from head to toe in the latest fashion and stylish aura with a fantastic clothing collection. We know Valentine’s week has been harsh on you, buying the flowers, chocolates, sending expensive gifts, and now it is time to deck your partner on the best clothing item so here is an offer – Buy 1 Get 10% off on all the products. And, not only this, if you Buy 2, you get 20% Off.
    Even you can get date-ready! Being dressed well is what your date needs and fashion speaks volumes about your personality, so be all dressed in high-fashion apparel when you are going for your Valentine’s day date. 
  • Shakes Farm:
    Sipping down on a shake from the same glass and two straws as you saw in the movies is super-romantic. Though it might sound cheesy, it is what your girl might be expecting you to be for a day. So, we at the first mall of Nathdwara offer you a deal that will dive you in flavours of love and creamy delight with your partner with a discount you would love.
    Yes, if your bill is more than 499/-, you will get 15% off at Shakes Farm. Make sure you don’t forget to savour the cuisine! Not only this, but you also get 20% off on beverages on Valentine’s day.  
  • Shake Plus:
    Just like you are two bodies with one soul! Your and your partner are Couple Goals! We have got a shake goal too. Head to the Miraj Meridian Mall to avail an offer that will get you two shakes at the price of one (T&C applied). The Shake plus has many options for you to explore, from shakes to Italian cuisine, you get everything to make your tummy full and your soul super-happy. 
  • Champion Salon:
    Am I looking nice? Am I doing the makeup right? Is my hair fine or they are looking all dull and rough? Will he like me? Yes, we know you are having an anxiety attack, so why not put that to rest at First mall in Nathdwara? Champion salon at Miraj Meridian Mall has something to offer you for making your Valentine’s more memorable. And, here is the discount – you get 30% off if the billing is more than 499/-. 

What are you waiting for? Head to the first mall in Nathdwara to get Valentine’s day! Or to spend an entire day with the love of your life. 


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