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Miraj Cinema: First Luxury Multiplex in Nathdwara

Don’t we all cherish the days when back in our childhood when our granny used to narrate stories to soothe us to sleep? Those stories used to take us to the whole another La La Land of our dreams where we used to imagine the best we could. As an adult, we get similar ecstasy of letting our minds wander into an imaginary world by watching movies.  While watching films, we don’t just see the story but actually kind of live the emotions of the characters our heart relates the most with. Therefore, it is advised to watch movies more often, to be able to stimulate your emotions.

According to the proponents of Cinema Therapy, certain movies tend to affect the way we think or react with life’s circumstances. Moreover, therapists nowadays prescribe movies to help their clients cop up with agonies in life. However, in order to get a story sink in and to be able to connect with the cinema to that level, having an appropriate aura is quintessential. So, being a pioneer in adopting the latest technologies, Miraj Cinemas are here to serve you with the world-class cinematic experience.

Started their journey in the year 2012, Miraj Cinemas have successfully established themselves as the fastest growing cinema exhibitor chain across India. They are currently bringing their 106th screen in the phenomenal Meridian Mall in Nathdwara. With two premium screens in two auditoriums, they are going to render an ostentatious movie-watching experience like never before. Let me give you an idea of how they are going to transport you into the movie to cater you with the utmost entertainment:

1. Breathtaking audio quality: People enjoy watching cinemas at the cinema halls because of the striking sound experience that amplifies the effect of the movie on the whole. Adding a cherry on top, Miraj Cinemas are getting the technologically advanced DOLBY ATMOS that will flow all around you to give your mind and soul a high.

2. Bringing characters to life: You will get to live the most exuberant theatrical experience with the large screen and moving sound quality. The characters that you see inside the story will appear to be more real and you will relate to the story even more.

3. Large laserplex Screen: The bigger the screen, the majestic it feels watching a movie. Movie theatres are preferable because of the biggest reason for being their screen size. Miraj Cinemas are bringing in the large laser projector screens that add quality to the genre you love, be it thriller, action, comedy or drama.

4. Maximum seating with umpteen comfort: The plush recliner seats with micro-adjustable seating are sure to give you the most majestic feel while watching your favorite movie. Miraj Cinemas is coming with two box offices, with each having a whole of 120 seat facility inside the auditorium. Comfortable seats are the most indispensable aspect of having a good time inside the cinema hall.

5. Lush interiors: The tantalizing interiors with sparkling chandeliers and classy fabrication are sure to give a great time even while waiting in the central waiting area. The common area is wide-spaced with amazing cafeterias at its closest proximity.

6. Maximum Delicacies: With the premium cafes and fine dining restaurants coming around the same floor as the Miraj Multiplex, you will have the gala treat post watching the Movie. There is also a facility of butler-on-call, who can take the order while you are watching the movie so that you do not have to wait in hunger.

7. Ever- expanding multiplex chain: Miraj Group has been a leading Business Group that is expanding at a rapid speed. With their 105 screens running successfully nationwide, they are bringing their 106th screen in the Meridian Mall to entertain the public with Hollywood, Bollywood, and regional Cinemas.

If you are a serious movie connoisseur, then get ready to get your best movie experience with the extraordinary screening and sound facility. The lavish seating and gourmet conduct will give you a rush of pleasure while watching your favorite movie.


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