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Men’s Fashion at Nathdwara is Going International- Miraj Meridian Mall

Undoubtedly, malls are becoming one of the biggest parts of our lives. Nowadays, malls are just not a shopping destination but they’re turning more into a complete entertainment hub that satisfies all your demands in the form of offices, dining, hotel and inns, along with entertainment.

Among all the big things, fashion is one such name that is always on the mind of all the people around. Whether it’s for men or women, everyone today desires to be fashionable and carry that classy look with them wherever they go!

These days, there is a dynamic increase in the demands of Men’s fashion which has gone to a certain next level! People are going beyond extreme with trying all the different mix and matches in clothing and setting their style statement high with each passing day.

In view of this, we at the Nathdwara’s Meridian Mall are all set to bring the top brands into the mall to make your heart content. We’re arriving with the world-class brands for men that will make you go head over heels in one go! We know you’re all as excited as we are!

Here are some of the big fashion brands that we’re going to bring in just for you.

Flying Machine

Take it or not, but Flying Machine is India’s iconic denim brand which is popularly one of the best youth apparel brands. It’s one of those brands that is driven towards experimenting, innovating and pushing its boundaries.

If you’re among the ones who like to keep their style game on top, then we’re coming in with FM in your town. With Flying Machine, choose to be a trendsetter rather than a fad-follower!

Van Heusen

In today’s era where people choose to have a multi-faceted professional wardrobe, Van Heusen brings to them a fashion-forward power dressing which can turn out to be perfect for any moment. Catering to the needs of the men, this brand has a touch of sophisticated elegance in it. It breaks the norms of conventional nine-to-five dressing and is power-packed with fine details and fine fabrics.

If you want to have a reflection of today’s style in your dressing, then Van Heusen is your pick!

Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe is undeniably a purveyor of class clothing for discerning gentlemen around the world. It defines elegance and status like nothing else. It has always its game up with precision in craftsmanship for fabric that is perfect for a quintessential man. You get to have a fine range of formals, semi-formals along with custom-made clothing and accessories.

Park Avenue

With the top clothing brands, we’re also coming up with brands that offer world-class Fragrances, Body Care Solutions, Shaving Systems along with Hair Care Solutions. And there is no one better than Park Avenue in this case. With earning the reputation for being the best among the industry, this brand has products that are developed using international standard fragrances. They stand the test of quality and consistency in every condition.

 These are the top most brands that we’re coming with and along with them, there are many more in the queue. With them, we promise you a transforming change in your fashion sense and that too at your nearest.

If you think this is it, then it’s certainly not! We have all the things at Meridian Mall that would keep you people entertained and charged up once you enter the mall. Meridian Mall is located at the closest proximity to the Statue of Belief, which is one of the World’s tallest Shiva statues as high as 351 Ft. The incredible view that it is going to render is one of the reasons enough to drive you towards the mall each day.


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