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Meridian Mall Brought A Revolution – Know How!

Nathdwara has always been a tourist place! People from all over the world love to visit this town because of the Shrinathji’s Temple. The terms are used so often that Nathdwara and Shrinathji are used interchangeably for this small town situated towards the north-east of Udaipur and on the banks of River Banas. 

The town has everything – a beautiful river, gorgeous archaic lanes, divine temple, and amazing street food. But, one thing left the scenario – A place to chill, a place to shop, and a place to go to spend an entire day!

But, with the opening of MIRAJ MERIDIAN MALL, everything has changed! The town that re-creates the Braj Bhumi has now got a mall of its own. Being the first mall of Nathdwara, Miraj Meridian Mall had to give it all to the people of Nathdwara. 

places to visit at nathdwara

Officially shopping malls are defined as ‘one or more buildings that form a complex which has branded shops, food court, and interconnected walkways to enable visitors to walk from one unit to another’. And, unofficially – IT IS SOMETHING THAT HAS BEEN MISSING FROM THE TOWN. Yes, it awakens the soul of the city with a social sanctuary for teenagers to visit. 

How Miraj Meridian Mall has brought revolution?

01. A focused experience and convenience:

We at the first mall of Nathdwara want our consumers to have a new shopping experience. At the mall, you will find endless product selection, offers, and to get the product then and there without waiting for the order to be delivered. 

Plus, there are 30+ brands in the mall that were not present in the town, and people had to either order online or go to the nearby town. Now all the brands are under one roof at Miraj Meridian Mall, Ananta Group Of Spas, Shakes Farm, Shake Plus, Dress.com, Champion, M-Square, and many more like Lacoste, W, United colors of benetton, Flying machine, VanHeusen, Versace, and more. 

We have a focus of providing customers a focused, convenient, and wholesome shopping experience. 

02. A fun center:

Want to play games?

Want to explore the different flavorful cuisines?

Want to just relax and get back the glow?

Want to watch a movie?

Want to spend the entire day exploring and being entertained?


With Miraj Meridian Mall in Nathdwara aka the first mall of Nathdwara, people now have a place to hangout and have fun. From food court to salon and numerous shopping options, one can spend the entire day with family and friends. And, as there were no such best places in Nathdwara before, this is how the mall brought a change in the scenario.

The town was also missing a luxury multiplex, which is now accessible at the mall! Now you can watch your favorite star on the screen. 

places to visit at nathdwara

03. Transformed with facilities:

At the mall, you are the most secured! And, Meridian mall pledges to make the experience euphoric, safe, and sound for each visitor by bringing hi-tech facilities. Nothing grabs eyeballs like startling decor, and we transform our mall into a themed experience by getting it ready for every festival. This is for you to come, take a selfie and also get yourself the festive vibe that goes missing sitting at home. 

places to visit at nathdwara

We have included facilities like Baby care room, 24*7 help desk, free wi-fi, party lounge, organized parking, high-tech security, and wheel chair for those who want to explore the mall but with assistance. 

Miraj Meridian Mall aims to bring the warm, fun, entertaining, and modern vibes to the town which is famous for Shrinathji Temple. We would really like you to visit the first mall of Nathdwara and have the time of your life by shopping, playing games, getting groomed, or just going window-shopping. 


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