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Miraj Meridian Mall – An Ultimate Destination For Your Shop!

Are you a business owner? Yes? We would like to ask you a question – What is the one thing that gets you the idea that your business is doing great? CUSTOMERS VISITING? 


Well, if you are looking out for a place to rent or a place to make your presence more vivid, then we have something to offer you. Miraj Meridian Mall is open and is inviting all the businesses and brands to be a part of it. We are the first mall of Nathdwara and have great connectivity. The mall is spread over 1 Lac 10 Thousand sq. Ft. area. It has been launched with the motive to bring luxury through diversified business conglomerates with interests especially in fashion, supermarkets, coffee shops, electronics, food court, bar & lounge, and anything that a mall needs to be complete in all the aspects. 

Thinking about opening up a shop within our mall? But, not sure about the benefits it holds for your long-term as well as short-term goals? Let’s take a look at the advantages –

  • High traffic:

The number one reason for setting up a shop in the mall is simple – it will have high traffic! And, it is super important for the people in Nathdwara to visit your shop and know about you. So, if you are one of those who are trying to make sure that they are getting enough leads coming in, then you are safe at Miraj Meridian Mall, as it is the first mall in Nathdwara and surely attracts the entire crowd. 

Plus, the location of the Miraj Meridian Mall is such that a lot of foot traffic comes from the ones travelling to Udaipur, Rajsamand, or nearby towns. 

  • Cleanliness:

Keeping the mall clean and maintained comes under the crew of Miraj Meridian Mall. We ensure that all the floors are properly cleaned and maintained for a good customer visit experience. So, if you think about it, this is a great advantage too. It is important that when a customer comes to the shopping mall, they see a nice clean facility and floors. Remember this, the First impression is the last, and when a customer sees cleanliness, they are surely going to drive back to the mall and to your shop. 

  • Buying is in the aura:

No one would have ever heard – I didn’t buy anything from the mall! Whether the person is coming for a stroll or looking for something to buy, no one ever leaves a mall without making a purchase or sipping on a hot cup of latte. The consumers who visit the Miraj Meridian Mall will generally be in a buying mood and this is a great thing for you as a retailer. 

At the mall, the marketing of your business/brand will be done right! 

Above all, having a shop in the mall builds trust in the market! And, if it is present in the only mall of Nathdwara, it is going to accumulate the trust of customers already! This is super beneficial for anyone who is wishing to open its branch at the best mall of Nathdwara. 

You can contact on – +91-8875000453, for more information regarding the rent. It starts at just INR 40/-. 


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