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Miraj Meridian Mall Is Back Into Action with All the Safety Measures

Meridian Mall had been waiting in the wings for so long to function among the never-ending chasm that has disrupted our lives for the past few months. Even though these times have thrown our world into a phase of complete chaos and confusion, we have taken a step forward with embracing the “new normal”.

We’re back again with all the safety measures as it’s always about finding the light at the end of the tunnel no matter what the situation.

We suggest that malls can be much safer rather than shopping in streets. Not just a statement, but we’re very sure about it. Here are some of the guidelines we’ve tried to maintain in our different sections of the mall. You may look forward to them:

Guidelines for Marketing and Communication

  • Communicating with the customers about all the safety measures that have been taken at the mall so they get the confidence to visit the mall.
  • Floating the do’s and don’ts guidelines of the mall through social media.
  • Avoiding any large scale events to be held in the mall for the next three months.

Guidelines for Security and Parking

  •   There would be no entry without masks.
  •   Temperature screening would be done with proper screening.
  •   Ensuring social distancing with sanitization of all the guards along with the customers who enter the mall.

  Guidelines for Food Court

  •   Allowing one customer per table so as to maintain proper social distancing.
  •   Plastic trays and plates shall be replaced by disposal plates and cups.
  •   More and more encouragement of cashless payment methods.
  •   The chairs, tables and door handles of the food court would be sanitized and disinfected on a regular basis.

 Guidelines for Washroom

  •   After every half an hour of the customer use, the washrooms would be sanitized.
  •   Toilet seats would be disinfected after every single use.
  •   Housekeeping boys shall be wearing PPE kit at all times and would frequently wash and sanitize their hands.

Guidelines for Visitors

  •   Visitors are requested to cooperate with the security staff at the time of thermal screening and sanitization.
  •   Greetings should be done in the form of a wave or bow instead of handshakes and hugs.
  •   While purchasing any of the items, maintain a proper distance from the shop workers as well.
  •   Stay at home if you don’t feel well or are showing mild symptoms.

  Guidelines for Cinema

  •   Customers will not be allowed without masks and gloves.
  •   No gatherings allowed near the cinema entry.
  •   Aarogya setu app should be downloaded in the phones of all the customers to avoid risk and ensure safety.

So, these are all the safety measures and guidelines that we encourage. We take care of all the facilities at Meridian Mall in Nathdwara, The incredible design and provision of good amenities is ready to cater to the requirements of modern-day customers and thereby making them stay here for a little more time.

We welcome you all with open arms and broad smiles for one of the greatest shopping and entertainment experiences of your life with ensuring all the safety measures. In the upcoming months, all we care for is your wellness and happiness. We hope you enjoy your heart out while visiting with your near and dear ones!


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