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Miraj Meridian Mall is still following the COVID-19 protocols!

Miraj Meridian Mall is still following the COVID-19 protocols!

Malls and shopping centres are public venues that often lead to the spread of disease, and we at Miraj Meridian are pretty aware of it and are taking severe measures to keep this place safe for your shopping experience. 

COVID-19 is spreading, and the second wave is here in India. With the rising cases of corona every day, it is mandatory to maintain many protocols, and we are doing the same. We are following –

  1. Face covering practice:
    No mask, no entry is our rule! Yes, so if you are heading to the Miraj Meridian Mall, it is super-important for you to wear a mask. Our team of workers in the mall all follow the same protocol; their faces are always covered.
  2. Precise cleaning:
    All the surfaces that are touched, like door handles, escalators, desks, and other places, are cleaned at every time and sanitised to stop the spread of the virus. We make sure that there is sanitiser stands at every place so that the visitors and the workers can sanitise their hands before heading towards any Miraj Meridian Mall location.
  3. Regular temperature check:
    Once the day starts at Miraj Meridian Mall, each worker, shop owner, and other workers get checked for temperature. If someone has a high temperature, they are directly sent home. We have a record of people coming to the mall, and their temperature noted down in the notebook. No one with a high body temperature enters the mall.
  4. Mandatory sanitisation:
    The entire mall, including – shops and food court, is sanitised each day before opening and after closing to ensure your safety. Intense and frequent cleaning of highly-touched surfaces such as restrooms, handrails, directories, dustbins, and shop’s door handles, are sanitised before and during operating hours.

We are following each and every measure to keep you safe! 

Are you thinking of shopping in Nathdwara? We have been ensuring a safe environment for you to come and enjoy. Miraj Meridian Mall aims to bring warm, fun, entertaining, and modern vibes to the town famous for Shrinathji Temple. We would like you to visit the first mall in Nathdwara and have the time of your life by shopping, playing games, getting groomed, or just going window-shopping. 



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