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Miraj Meridian Mall: One Of The Biggest Investment Opportunity

With the world changing dynamically, everyone is planning to make the best out of their lives and there are multiple options in the world out there for all of us. Along with that, we’re all also going through a rough phase where many of us are looking for options to earn some revenue. 

Miraj Meridian Mall is coming with an exclusive offer for all the existing or rising businessmen, entrepreneurs who are looking for an opportunity to invest in something fruitful or wanting a stable income source! 

We’re here with the Miraj Meridian- The first mall in Nathdwara. It’s a kaleidoscope of diverse cultures, traditions, cuisines, and lifestyles.

Trust us when we say that it can turn out to be one of the excellent destinations to spend time as it is filled with opulence and luxury. 

It has everything including Retail shops, Four-star hotel, Multiplex, Spa, Gaming zone, Hypermarket, Food Court, Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, etc.

And if you’re amongst the ones who are looking for buying a shop at the mall or taking it on a lease, then there must be many questions in your mind. We have come up with a list of FAQs that are likely to be asked by the tenants or someone who is interested in buying a shop at the Miraj Meridian Mall.



  • What is the total leasing area of the Miraj Meridian mall?
    The total leasing area of the mall is 1 Lakh 10 Thousand sq. ft.
  • How many floors are there in the mall?
    There are 6 floors in the mall. 
  • What is the total area according to particular shops?
    We have different shops on 6 different floors and each of them has a different total area. 


Ground Floor-

6 Apparel and food joint shops: Area starting from 411 sq. ft. to 2380 sq. ft.

Total Ground Floor Area- 8974 sq. ft.

First Floor-

1 Cafeteria- 2979 sq. ft.

5 Sports and Multi-utility shops: Area starting from 737 sq. ft. to 1497 sq. ft. 

1 Anchor Shop: 7008 sq. ft.

Total First Floor Plan- 15598 sq. ft.

Second Floor-

1 Spa- 4730 sq. ft.

5 Regional and local art shops- Area starting from 727 sq. ft. to 1497 sq. ft. 

1 Anchor Shop: 7023 sq. ft.

Total Second Floor Plan- 17273 sq. ft.

Third Floor-

2 Game Zone- 7720 sq. ft.

10 Food Court Shops- 5638 sq. ft.

Total Third Floor Plan- 16166 sq. ft.

Fourth Floor-

1 Bar and Disco- 4579 sq. ft.

Other Shops- 2976 sq. ft.

Anchor Shop- 11610 sq. ft.

Total Fourth Floor Plan- 19345 sq. ft.

Fifth Floor-

Multi-Cuisine Restaurant- 7433 sq. ft.

Cinema- 10,342 sq. ft.

Total Fifth Floor Plan- 17775 sq. ft.

Sixth Floor-

Multi-Cuisine Restaurant- 7432 sq. ft.

Cinema- 7075 sq. ft.

Total Sixth Floor Plan- 14417 sq. ft.



Why invest in the mall?

  • It’s the first mall around 40 km radius.
  • Temple town of Shrinath Ji.
  • 1 km away from the 4th tallest statue of the world.

What are the nearby attractions? 

  • Kumbhalgarh- 60 km
  • Charbhuja temple- 55 km
  • Ekling Ji temple- 30 km 
  • Mount Abu- 190 km
  • Ranakpur- 108 km
  • Chittorgarh- 110 km 

There are a total of 27 international apparel brands that are currently there in the mall from Van Huesen to Monte Blanc to many big names.

So, if you’re interested in investing in the mall and want to earn some amount then Miraj Meridian, one of the first mall in Nathdwara welcomes you with open arms and a very broad grin. 



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