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Places to visit near Nathdwara Temple

Places to visit near Nathdwara Temple for a peaceful experience!

If you are searching for the best places to visit near Nathdwara Temple for a divine and peaceful experience, then you are in the right place. Here we are going to discuss all the temples that are nearby Nathdwara and it will just take a trip of less than an hour to reach there. 

But before we begin, let’s talk about Nathdwara temple!

Under the rule of Maharana Raj Singh of Mewar, Shrinathji temple also known as the Haveli of Shrinathji was built by Goswami Priests in 1672, and it is one of the major attractions in Nathdwara. Untouched by the urbanity, the temple gives a sniff of traditional values and the traditional set of rituals it takes to pray to the Lord! 

Nathdwara, also known as the Apollo of Mewar, is situated on the banks of river Banas is the most popular place for its Pichwai Paintings, archaic temple, and terracotta handicraft. All of the art practices date back to more than 2,000 years ago. 

Here are some of the best places to visit near Nathdwara that you can visit when you are visiting Nathdwara. 

  • Eklingji temple:

Built-in 734 A.D. by Bappa Rawal, Eklingji has been the ruling deity of Mewar rulers till now. After it was ravaged and attacked by Mohammedans, the temple was repaired and restored by various kings. This is one of the nearby places of Nathdwara that you can visit. 

Eklingji Temple is one of the most popular temples of Rajasthan and is sited at a distance of 22km to the north of Udaipur, and about a 15 minutes drive from Nathdwara. You can witness the brilliant architecture, pyramidal style designs, and uniquely carved tower, with the divine vibes simply bringing everything together. 

Eklingji temple:

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  • Dwarkadheesh:

Dwarkadhish temple of Kankroli is another nearby place in Nathdwara that you can visit anytime. It is also a 15-30 minutes drive from Nathdwara. This temple is also famous as the ‘Kankroli Temple’. Hindu deity – Lord Krishna resides in this beautiful temple. The idol is famous because it is a red stone idol and is praised with full devotion and dedication.


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It is believed that the red stone idol of Lord Krishna had been brought from Mathura.

You can go to the various temple ‘darshan’ time – 

Mangala – 7:00 AM

Shringar – 8:15 AM

Gwal – 9:15 AM

RajBhog – 10:30 AM

Utthapan – 4:00 PM

Bhog – 4:40 PM

Arti – 5:15 PM

Shayan – 7:00 PM


  • Haldi Ghati:

Haldi ghati is a mountain pass on the hills of Aravali. It wraps manifolds of history in its rocks. If you love history, then yes, you should definitely visit this place nearby Nathdwara. The Battle of Haldighati, also known as the bloodiest battle fought in the region, it is an important place in history. 

Haldi Ghati

Image – Source

The historic battle was fought on 21st  June 1576 between Maharana Pratap and Emperor Akbar. You can witness the place, and visit the beautiful museum that has everything that you must know. 

These were a few more places that you can visit nearby Nathdwara and have a great time with your family and friends. Also, there are weekend getaways like Ranakpur, Mount Abu, that can be explored too by you. For a fun and frolic time, you can visit Miraj Meridian Mall in Nathdwara. 


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