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How Miraj Group is contributing in the growth of Retail

How Miraj is bringing out new in the concept of Retail

All around the globe, there are a number of cities that are emerging and evolving because of the creative forces and hard work that drive much-needed Growth. The business groups spur innovations and mindfully invest the talents to deliver the futuristic results. Due to this, we can see the amplification in the tempo of development coupled with the increase in Tourism. Eventually, with the influx of various cultures, there comes a drastic influence on the lifestyle of the natives. People then start improvising improvement in the quality of education, social life & media connectivity, thereby attracting more marketers and investors. This will lead to an increase in competition in the market. Due to an increase in the purchasing power, subsequently, the economy will be boosted. This process will be slow & continuous but it will surely hike the Socio-economic growth in the long run.

With the arrival of their first ever shopping mall, Nathdwara is on the verge of experiencing evolution in their retail market. For a long time, the town had enough facilities to fulfill the bare necessities of life. But with the passage of time, there arises need to get upgraded with high-end facilities. As a result of tireless efforts of the Miraj Group, Nathdwara is all set to welcome its first & only shopping mall dubbed as- The Miraj Meridian Mall. Upon the arrival of this mall, the town will enjoy the amenities of a city along with retaining the spirit of a small town.

The Miraj Meridian Mall will not only upgrade the cinematic experience, the luxury quotient, and entertainment services but will also amplify the growth in the retail business. We know, it calls for a lot of effort and time to maunder in the scattered markets to find the products you need. Moreover, there are high chances that you may even fail to find them and then all your effort goes wasted. So, Meridian mall is providing a proper infrastructure in Nathdwara for the highly acclaimed brand stores as well as the local retail stores to come together. Read the following list to get a clear picture of how the Meridian Mall will change the concept of retail stores:

  • Being an independent retailer, there are high chances of facing a slump in sales due to the lack of sufficient customer attention all the time.
  • Since it is a mall, it will have entertainment and various other factors that will keep the customers engaged automatically, without you having to put an extra effort into branding.
  • Meridian mall is going to be the only mall in Rajsamand, so there will always be a buzz that will keep attracting a variety of potential customers for you both inside and outside Nathdwara.
  • There will be an open event atrium inside the mall, which will naturally be a hub for various social gatherings. So, you can always be active with your marketing skills there and can target your customers.
  • Inside the mall, you will be at closest proximity to your potential competitors, so you will easily be able to make good strategies and do effective pricing of your products.
  • Also, what can be more happening than having a workplace inside a mall, where there is unlimited fun and frolic all the time.

With so many perks in hand, everybody would want to own a slot inside the mall. Plus Meridian Mall is going to give you a market place that remained untapped for a long time, which makes it even more beneficial investment opportunity. To add to your ease, I am detailing the three major types of retail stores in the shopping mall:

1. Hypermarket

There is going to be a dedicated place inside the Meridian mall wherein all the traditional products and local vendors will be organized in a way that it would look like a sophisticated version of Haat Bazaar. The tourists visiting the mall will be able to purchase the specialties of the town, in a very hassle-free manner.

2. Supermarkets

Introducing the one-stop grocery store culture, Meridian Mall has dedicated space for the supermarket to bridge the gap between the customers and their everyday grocery needs. Removing the inconvenience of rushing to the far off places to buy products of daily requirements, people will now be getting fresh products made available to them 24*7 with amazing offers.

3. Individual Retail/Brand Outlets

The best part of having a mall in your town is the fact that it is going to make way for the top-notch fashion, grooming and luxury brands. These eminent and voguish brands will definitely bring an up gradation in the fashion options in Nathdwara. The availability of new clothing trends in a shopping mall will keep the traffic engaged.

So, it is a win-win situation for both the retailers who are willing to invest and for the tourists who yearn to have some happy time in the city of Nathdwara. This is surely going to be a major step towards liberalization and globalization.


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