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Meridian Mall – The Vibrant Future of Shopping is Here!

Shopping malls in India though penetrated the market in the early 90’s; is a new concept in small towns. Major retail chains have incepted their ways into the non-urban cities and are contributing to the urbanization.

 But on the other end, the retail landscape has grown overcrowded. There is a lot of competition which is also the driving force of the changing scenario. The pressure of standing out from the rest and come up as the best in the market.

Baits such as exclusive offers, the launching of luxurious store outlets, bringing in brands are continually thrown in for luring a larger footfall in shopping malls. Entertainment units are being installed in the shopping malls to become more than just a place to where people come to shop. Each time you start analyzing the culture in small towns; new trends in shopping malls emerge.

Competition is high but in all this ho-hum the consumer experience has evolved. People from small towns are now looking forward to malls to experience the sophistication and qualities of the brands. Why brands and not locals, it is another debate but the perspective is now broadened. Brands too are now parting the divide and making their way into the small town to contribute to their revenue. The synergy is beautiful to see and the wind of change is a pleasant breeze.

In this breakthrough, Miraj Group – the leading business group of India also decided to perpetually contribute in the transforming the shopping experience of the small towns. What better place to start than Nathdwara – the offset of our multi-million dollar worth company. So began the sculpting of dream project “Miraj Meridian”- we describe it as a vibrant future of the shopping in Nathdwara.

Miraj Meridian is a shopping mall in Nathdwara which holds the prestige of being the only mall in Rajsamand. To make the mall an ultimate shopping center in Nathdwara, we are adapting to various new trends in Shopping malls. In the way, we are also craving the future of retail in small towns. Having recently launched our very own fashion retail chain- Miraj Labels Fashion Stores in India, this is another feather in the hat of the group.

It is interesting and at the same time bewildering how we have centralized our concept around augmenting the shopping experience. Great comfort and multi-sensory experience are what we wish to achieve and have come next to our goals. How? Allow us to take you on a detour of the First mall in Nathdwara, Rajsamand.

The Making is Extraordinary!

1. Leveraging Technology to Transform the Mall Experience

“Hey! Google, what are the shopping malls near me?” It is so common nowadays, isn’t it? Our life is almost incomplete without the technology around us. Technology is daily converging in our lives and small towns and villages too are growing out of their traditional cocoon.  

So, has to change in the shopping malls. It is important that instead of hating online shopping trend, we builders understand; the convenience is something which is mandatory. And so has to be kept in mind while installing devices to improve the mall value. From free Wi-Fi zones to beacon technology, security cameras to indoor LED lighting to smart controlled devices technology is the point of differentiation.

2. Coming up with Creative Fun Activities

Nathdwara is one of the leading tourist cities. It has a herculean tourist footfall round the year but we studied the market and were brought to a conclusion that the locals were not utilizing it at its full potential.

The loss of engagement thus is aimed to stop by creating leisure and entertainment units in the shopping mall. In fact, we are trying to bring in the Nathdwara Shopping Bazaar in by opening a souk and haat point in the mall so the locals can have a well-deserved value to their art. Interesting games, activities and hang out points are coming in the malls where you have opportunities to explore virtual games, bars and disco, scary house, mirror world and more.

We have a full arena where you get to enjoy with your friends and family, and it is one and only in 40 km of area. Furthermore, planned is an amusement park nearby Statue of Belief (4th Tallest Statue in the world), another venture by Miraj Group where you will find a food court, rides, zip liners, amphitheatre, game zones and much more.

3. Mix of Stores

Brands have for years been a victim of the wrong notion of being very pricey and over the top. But that is totally wrong. People in small towns too have a great purchase power; online shopping has understood it and leveraged it very well. Just brands outlets are so much unreachable. Miraj Group thus wishes to change by bringing in international and national brands to their doorsteps.  The mix of brands and the local market makes Miraj Meridian mall an ultimate shopping center in Nathdwara not only for the locals but for the tourists. Also, Miraj Labels is soon to launch which will surely bring more ease to people of Nathdwara.

4. The Perfect Ambience

We envisioned the mall to be a perfect entertainment unit, and for that, we have to create an ambience which was very welcoming and light. We worked that out and chalked various strategies to brief it in our architecture, lighting, décor to match the international standards. We made it possible with our architectural proves and experience and implemented modern ways into development and processes.

Fountains, facilities like escalators, elevators, massive parking space, and accessibility for physically challenged mall visitors, plus the touch of greenery that is so much required we have aimed to collaborate every possible and known attribute in our structure.

5. Trendy and Spacious Food Courts

Shopping is a fun experience but there needs to be some food break. Food courts are indeed bloodline of the Malls, even if not shopping they help in bringing in the money. At Miraj Meridian Mall we have inculcated a homely environment for our visitors. Comfort and cozy food court, delicious multi-cuisine restaurants are coming to the mall.

Signing Off

Pretty good, isn’t it? We have done a great job don’t you think in the urbanization of the point of our breakthrough. Nathdwara is a gorgeous town, spiritual, scenic, and soulful. We just wanted it to utilize its large tourist footfall for churning up the economy. In short, we added the cherry on top of the tourism in Nathdwara.  



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