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Take A Trip To Nathdwara And Relish At Different Stops

When we talk about Udaipur, it is one of those places which makes you feel relaxed with filling your heart to the fullest extent. And, if we take a look around Udaipur, then there are certain places which surely take your attention and one can’t take their eyes off them for sure. 

Today, we’ll tell you about the different stops which are the best to drop at during the entire trip and they will surely give you a bag full of memories. 


Meridian Mall 

The first stop where you would stop is the Meridian Mall. It is one of the most enduring places that will give you probably each and everything that you desire to fulfill your needs. You can stop here and do all the shopping that you want. Here you get to have the spacious lifestyle shopping spots with different international brands under one roof. 

Our retail havens can surely keep you on your toes for a while! 

Statue of Belief 

Okay, so here we move on to our next stop, that is the Statue of belief which is yet another magic in itself. After you’re done with the mall you’ll feel blessed to witness the power of the great statue of Lord Shiva. It is built inside of the Tatpadam Upavan which will turn out to be a wholesome entertainment spot.

It is surrounded by lush green gardens with some miscellaneous fun activities around just to make the aura lively and beautiful. 

Rajsamand Jheel 

After you’re done with taking a lifetime of experience at the Statue of belief, your next stop is probably the incredible Rajsamand Jheel which is yet again breath-takingly beautiful. One glance of the lake can take all your worries away and you’ll feel suddenly you’re dwelling in the calmness and subtleness of the lake. Also, it is known for its ancient beauty and elongated run. It is built across river Gomti, river Kelva and river Tali, and has a catchment area as big as 196 Sq meters.


Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara

After gazing at the seamless beauty of the river, your next spot is the grandeur filled Shrinathji temple. Undeniably, the idol of Shrinathji is impeccable. Shrinathji symbolizes Lord Krishna when he held the Govardhan parvat (a hill) on his finger in order to save the life of an entire village

People from all over the world come here just for having a look at the scintillating beauty of the idol which has its left hand raised and the right hand bunged in a fist.


Also, you can have some lip-smacking breakfast and mouth-watering sweets after darshan. 

This place in Mewar is one of the best to experience some spiritual zeal to the fullest. 

At the end, you can again return to the mall to satisfy your belly. Along with that, you can stay at the hotel to relax, stimulate and get yourselves some comforting vibes. Radisson, in Nathdwara is an amazingly luxurious hotel that offers you everything from sumptuous lifestyle to superior quality in everything that makes your stay memorable and incredible. This hotel is a part of the Meridian Mall which makes the mall even more considerable in terms of visiting.   


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