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The Mystery Behind Shrinathji Temple

The Mystery Behind Shrinathji Temple

Ever thought that you walked down the lanes of Nathdwara – what is behind those old, archaic and traditional temples? What is the history of this temple? How come it is so famous? 

Well, we will unfurl the mystery behind Shrinathji temple here. 

Nathdwara is known for Shrinathji temple, and when one says let’s go to Shrinathji Temple, you know automatically that he/she is referring to Nathdwara. Situated at the banks of Banas River, the whole town revolves around the ‘Thakur Ji Ki Haveli’. 

It is also told that this town recreates the Braj Bhumi – the land that belongs to Krishna and his Krishna Leela. 

You will see the different idols and paintings of Shrinathji idols walking through the streets. Some hold the Govardhan Parvat or some in their enticing attire. Each of the paintings commemorates an event associated with it.

To your surprise, at Nathdwara, Shrinathji is treated as a child, and all the activities of the Haveli are done to entice and make him ‘a 7-year old child’ happy. From shringar to feeding him as a kid, each of the activities is scheduled at a particular time. 

Mystery Behind Shrinath Ji Temple:

Taking you back to the 17th CE when Aurangazeb was on his mission to destroy all the temples in India. This is when the idol of Shrinathji was taken away from Govardhan near Mathura to Agra and then was being transported down south.

While taking him on the wheels towards the south, at a point the chariot got stuck, and people took it as a sign from God that ‘Lord Krishna wants to reside there’. It was at this place that the wheel was stuck, and the devotees built a haveli for him. It continues to be there since 1672 CE. 

If you visit the temple, you can see the chariot still there. Not only this, here is another amazement for you – The Shrinathji idol is made of a single slab of black marble. 

People believe that he would return to his Braj Bhumi or Govardhan when the temple is ready for him. 

Here are some of the rituals that take place in the temple –

There are different sections in the temple. 

Like – 

  • Doodhghar: the storage room for milk
  • Paanghar: for betel leaves
  • Mishri Ghar: for crystallized sugar
  • Pedaghar: for sweets
  • Phool Ghar: for flowers
  • Rasoighar: the kitchen
  • Gahnaghar: for jewellery
  • Ashvashala: the horse stable
  • Baithak: It is a commonplace to sit. 
  • Chakki: It is a grinding wheel made of gold and silver that is used to prepare temple food.

Shrinathji temple timings –

Well, one can’t be certain about the timings, but there is 8 shrinathji temple nathdwara darshan that a devotee can do at the temple and all of them have some activities adhered to them. There are 8 meals offered to Shrinathji. The rituals include – getting up, bathing, getting ready, eating, playing, sleeping. The 8 darshans are – Mangala Darshan, Shringar Darshan, Gwal Darshan, Rajbhoga Darshan, Uthapana Darshan, Bhog Darshana, Arti, and Shayan. 

Get enchanted by Nathdwara. Visit Shrinathji temple and also witness the beauty around. 


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