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Things to consider while taking a shop on lease

What does it take to open up a shop at a new location on a lease? It takes your business, your product range, and money. Right? But, what are the things that have to be considered while taking a shop on the lease? A lot of things. You can’t put up your hard-earned money into anything that you have no idea about. 

It goes without saying that you need to think about what you can do, rather than focusing on something new, how you can make a big appearance without investing much. Well, here is the red line that you must cross – The risk! 

Investing in a mall is a no-brainer task! You get the audience from all walks, and ultimately you do business. Plus, you don’t have to do anything new, you just have to open up a branch of your business at a new location. At Miraj Meridian Mall, you can get a shop at lease starting at just INR 70/-. 

Coming back to the titles, there are certain specific aspects that you must think about when it comes to taking a shop on lease. Let’s look at them –

  • Location:

When opening up a shop at a new location, you must look out for the site and the connectivity that particular place has. Miraj Meridian Mall has the best connectivity plus it is a mall. 

Opening a shop in a mall is already a plus point, as there will be visitors in the mall. Plus, the mall has excellent connectivity. It connects –

  1. Shrinath Ji Temple – The 17th-century temple is located at just 2.8 km. 
  2. Statue of Belief – The tallest Shiva statue is located at just 1.6 km from the mall.
  3. Rajsamand – It is located at just 19.2 km. 
  4. Udaipur – The stunning city of lakes is located at just 42.7 km from Meridian Mall. 
  • Any USP of the location:

A unique selling point of a location can give you maximum exposure. And, we at Miraj Meridian Mall think big and implement the same. The USP of the location is that it is located just in the middle of the entire connectivity of Nathdwara to other cities plus it is precisely in front of the tallest statue of Lord Shiva, Statue of Belief. 

Miraj Meridian is the first mall in Nathdwara spread over 1 Lac 10 Thousand sq. Ft. area. It has been launched with the motive to bring luxury in Nathdwara through diversified businesses/brands with interests especially in fashion, supermarkets, coffee shops, electronics, food court, bar & lounge, and anything that a mall needs to be complete. 


  • Price of lease:

The price of the lease is super-important, and if you are looking forward to investing, it is crucial for you to see the price. At Miraj Meridian Mall, the shops for lease are available at just INR 70/-. And, with this, you get everything that you need your business/brand to have the exposure. Being an entertainment hub in Nathdwara, the mall attracts visitors, and also people plan a day out at our mall. 

These are the things that you have to consider while shortlisting a shop for lease. Are you ready to be at India’s most favourite tourist hub? Nathdwara’s first mall is open for booking a shop. 


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