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This Could Be The Most Benefitting Place To Open A Coffee Shop

Are you a coffee shop owner?


So, you might be basically limited to your area or town, right? 

But do you know – Investing in a new location can bring a lot of changes? How? For first, you get the exposure you have been looking for, you are known in a new city, your brand gets the footfall it deserves, and resultantly your sales go skyrocket. 

And, all of it can happen to you at the MIRAJ MERIDIAN MALL. We bring the best prices for you to rent space at the 1st mall in Nathdwara. Still, we believe your hard-earned money might require reasons for investing in our property, so here are the reasons why opening a coffee shop will be a hit. 

Let’s look at them – 

  • A hotspot or the ease of access:

No cafe will run successfully if it has been positioned at an incorrect location where the only customers will be the neighbours. Connectivity is the essential thing that you have to view as a great businessman. So, finding a perfect location within your target market is equally crucial for your new location as it was for your original business location.

Miraj Meridian Mall has the best connectivity, and no we aren’t boasting. It is spread over 1.10 Lacs sq. ft. area, and it attracts a lot of visitors, domestic as well as international.

Here are some of the best locations in Nathdwara that are nearby and makes exceptional connectivity to the mall –

Shrinath Ji Temple – The 17th-century temple is located at just 2.8 km from the mall. And, the temple has a lot of visitors from everywhere, even international. 

Statue of Belief – The divine and the tallest Shiva statue is located at just 1.6 km from the mall and is going to be inaugurated soon. So, expect visitors from here too!

Rajsamand & Udaipur – Rajsamand is located at just 19.2 km while Udaipur, the beautiful city of lakes is located at just 42.7 km from Meridian Mall. Your cafe will have access to nearby towns too. 

  • Mesmerizing View:

People stay more at your cafe if it has the best view. They slurp down coffees over coffees, looking at the sight they can’t take their eyes off. And, Miraj Meridian Mall offers you with the ambience and a breath-taking view. 

Overlooking the 351 feet tall divine Statue Of Belief and the look of the entire city, the rent space is sure-shot goals for a wholesome cafe. 

  • Foot Fall:

When investing in a new location, people fear about how they are going to make it popular in the city? But, when it comes to launching your brand at the mall, everything perfectly falls in the right place. The average foot or drive-by-traffic is more than what you expect. The ease of access and perfect demographics will bring the audience to your cafe. 

For all the businesses, be sure you are in an area that has ample demand for your product, and also is placed at a prime location with sure-shot footfall. 

Miraj Meridian Mall is calling you! Rent starting at just INR 70 per sq. ft. and shop area 8000 sq. ft. Bring your brand to vivid exposure and develop an identity at a new location. 

Call now! We are looking for you. Also, there are shops available for other businesses too. 


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