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Visitors Pouring Their Love Over Meridian Mall!

Meridian is such a vibe!

Meridian, oh that’s a one-stop destination for my family! 

My kids didn’t leave the mall the whole day! 

We didn’t imagine that we would get so much at our nearest in just one place! 

And so on…..

These are the kind words of our visitors that left us in awe.

We are overwhelmed to get so much love from them! 

Here we would like to tell you a few stories of what our visitors said about us. Dive in and have a look as you may find yourself among one of the stories! 

Recently, we came to know about the Miraj Meridian Mall and we thought that if people are talking so much about it, then why not take a visit? 

So, we ladies planned a kitty party and guess what it turned out to be one of the best parties that we ever had! We all had so much fun and we couldn’t wait for the next time. Honestly, it’s a great place to visit and that too with your entire family. 

  • Seema Wadhwani

Testimonial 2:

I always desired for a mall in our town and Miraj Meridian is the best thing that happened to us! Undeniably, it has everything from the food court to apparels to jewellery to amazing games. I couldn’t believe that now we don’t have to go anywhere else to buy all we need. We have one big store that gives us the best of the things in our town.

Literally, we are excited about what next would be there in the mall?

  • Rohit Sharma

Testimonial 3:


I had my son’s birthday last week and he wanted to go to Udaipur to give his friends a grand party. I didn’t have that much time but I wanted my son to throw a big party too. And that time I got to know about Miraj Meridian where they have a delectable food court and at the same time too many games too. We all went there and trust me this was the best birthday my son ever had!! Meridian Mall is such a great vibe!

I would suggest you please visit for once!

  • Amit Randhawa

Testimonial 4:

The festive season was approaching and I and my sister needed a grooming session to get a fresh look. But, we did not have any nice salon nearby. We looked for a salon on google that could give us everything from relaxation to makeover to a fresh feel. And there popped Champion Salon in Miraj Meridian. This was exactly what we were looking for!

We went there and got the best salon session. Guys, it was incredible. I would recommend you to go there once!

  • Suhana Malik

I am a housewife who lives here in Nathdwara and we are a group of ladies who take our kids to play every Sunday. Last Sunday, one of my friends suggested to me that there is a fun gaming zone in the newly opened Miraj Meridian Mall. Our kids wanted to play there the whole day. They ask me to take them every day to the mall. I mean I can’t believe they would fall in love with the mall in the first go!

Our hearts are awaiting your esteemed presence at the mall. Make some time for us and do visit as you would surely fall in love with us!



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