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What your Bar & Lounge needs - IS HERE AT THE FIRST MALL OF NATHDWARA!

What your Bar & Lounge needs – IS HERE AT THE FIRST MALL OF NATHDWARA!

So, you want to open a bar?

But, no locality in Nathdwara appears to be right?

For obvious reasons, there is a Shrinath Ji temple in the town. But what if we say, you can successfully open a bar and lounge just a few kilometres away (not too close to the city, not too far away from the town); just at the right sweet spot. 

You have everything in your hand, the best concept whether it will be a sports bar, a club bar, or a lounge bar, you have got the license, hired a team of professional bartenders, and have a check-mark across the revenue plan. But, all stop at the location. 

We at Miraj Meridian Mall invite you to open your bar & lounge at the first mall of Nathdwara! It will be a place for people to chill and unwind after they have either been to the Shrinath Ji temple or been through the archaic lanes of Nathdwara or have been shopping the entire day. 

We know, you are still looking out for reasons to find out how it is the best location for your bar and lounge. Well, here are some of the grounds –

  1. Welcome the Footfall:
    For obvious reasons, as it is a mall, you might have the best footfall than anywhere else. People visit the mall for shopping, so if you open a bar and lounge at the mall, you will gain the business of all the shoppers already at the mall.
    So, if you are dreaming of becoming a lounge or a bar and lounge that offers nightlife and luxury to the people of Nathdwara, this could be it. Aside from usual businesses in the mall, your bar and lounge might become the centre of everything. 
  2. Amazing Location:
    Location is what plays a crucial role in deciding every other factor. A good location can reap your profits and also if you make a name in a particular locality, you can further open the chains in other cities too. Miraj Meridian Mall is located at a prime location connecting cities – Rajsamand and Udaipur so you will have footfall from both sides. It is overlooking the entire beautiful city and the 351 feet tall Statue of Belief. 
  3. Great exposure:
    As there are no bars and lounges in Nathdwara that offers luxury and a place to chill. If your bar and lounge open up at a place that is already the FIRST MALL OF NATHDWARA, you will have all the exposure you want. You might be recognised as the most relaxed joint to enjoy with family or friends. The youth of the town will be attracted to hold parties for their birthdays and special events. 

If you are all set to open up a bar and lounge at the first mall of Nathdwara, you can contact on – + 91-8875000453, for more information regarding the rent. It starts at just INR 40/-. 


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