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What New is Coming in Nathdwara in Next 3 Months?

It has turned so boring you know, always categorizing Nathdwara to be an extension of the attraction points near Udaipur. It should hold its own identity. For centuries alone Nathdwara has been siphoned to the historical and spiritual connotation it leverages to the land. Every year in thousands of tourist footfall comes and dot the city.

The magnificence of Shrinath Ji temple is so prominent that major occupation and tourist practices encompass around the same. There simply was nothing else to do- not in occupation and neither in tourism. Everything seems to pale.

But we are determined to change it. Well, change is a very strong word. We decide to beautify and amplify it with a touch of modernity, giving the love back.

As a leading business group of India- Miraj Group has crossed many benchmarks. Be it in business, in CSR activities and specially allocating Nathdwara on the face of the world not just as a spiritual city but rather as an outright tourist center, a complete traditional-cum-modern tourist HubSpot.

Iconic gateway, Bus Terminal, Shiva Statue and now it is time for Miraj Meridian. Nathdwara is completely going to transform. And if you are visiting Nathdwara you will not believe what you will get to see. A complete tourist unit is now ready to take on and edify the tourism of the city. So, here in this blog, we are going to give you a brief about what’s new is coming in Nathdwara in the next 3 months.

1. Miraj Cinemas

We can say people have been craving for a decent cinematic experience all along in Nathdwara. Well, it’s no longer a dream. With the arrival of Miraj Cinemas, people of Nathdwara will be facilitated with the world-class cinematic experience. The Very first multiplex in Nathdwara is going to define the comfort in entertainment in Nathdwara. Recliner seating’s, Dolby sound and a dedicated premium waiting lounge, you are sure to get the best movie-day-out experience. People will get to see the Hollywood, Bollywood, as well as Regional cinemas here, at Miraj Cinemas, based on the 5th and 6th floor of the opulent Miraj Meridian Mall.

2. Luxor of Hospitality is here!

To enhance the hospitality service, Miraj Meridian Mall has brought to you the very first luxury hotel in Nathdwara – Hotel Country-Inn & Suites by Radisson. Known for its supreme quality services and modern amenities, the hotel is soon to facilitate the Nathdwara-visitors with state-of-the-art premium stay experiences. Swimming pool, banquet, restaurant with a serene view of Statue of Belief stands unprecedented.

3. The first ever Spa Service in Nathdwara

Isn’t Miraj Meridian the best mall in Nathdwara? To enhance the leisure experience, we are bringing in the rejuvenating Spa services. Your ultimate refill in the weekends to take on the mundane 9-5 like with the same energy and enthusiasm. Avail these services take time-off and take care of yourself.

4. Statue of Belief

Miraj Group is the developer of the 4th tallest statue in the world. Statue of Belief is class apart. Surrounded by the lush Gardens and an exhilarating view, the mall is established at the closest proximity from the Shiva Statue. In fact, the high-end diners in the mall exhibit a striking view of the statue. Dine with the divine view of peeking Statue of Belief in the sight, filling up the stomach is not enough. Get a heartful of soulfulness too.

5. Haat Bazaar

Inside the premises of the first mall in Nathdwara, you can spot the ultimate traditional haat bazaar setup. On the second floor of the Meridian Mall, all the native artisans and shopkeepers will exhibit their stock, thus adding a high street hypermarket in Nathdwara. Not only will this enhance the business for the local vendors, but will also bring a healthy mix of traditions and modernity in the city.

6. Lip-smacking Cuisine line-up

When the luxury, self-care, travel & tourism are all taken care of, why leave behind the major aspect, i.e., food. So, to ensure the overall growth in the city, Miraj Meridian Mall brings major multi-cuisine line-up. High-diners are coming in, food joints, kiosks and more. Also, confirmed is Kansar Thali, the epitome of Gujarati food services. Not just tourists, it is also a great place to hang-out for the locals, to dine out in a regal aura.

7. Kids Play Area

Aren’t the lil’ ones just so much special? When there is such a great line up for exploration, given the hypermarket and high street retail stores we know you can’t resist and thus kids can get their own time off and enjoy in the Kids Play area. This section will be the best place for the kids to keep them engaged and entertained with fun-filled play sections and games.

8. First open atrium for Events

We are some people, we Indians. Every day is a festival and we live our lives at the fullest. And for Nathdwara, we have kept that in mind; their very own open atrium in the Meridian mall to enjoy the fun events. The open atrium inside the Miraj Meridian Mall can be used for hosting various social events for people from different walks of life. It will be a very good initiative to bring the youth and various active groups together, eventually making the city more happening.

9. Introduction of the high-end Fashion Stores

The fashion brands that were so far-fetched before, are now made easily accessible in Nathdwara. Most of the renowned brands will now set up their outlets in the Miraj Meridian Mall in Nathdwara. As you can see, there is no aspect that is left out, when it comes to a wholesome upgradation.

10. Bar & Disco

When so many good changes are on their way to bring in a phenomenal change in city life, it calls for a celebration. And for that, you need a proper dedicated bar and disco, Miraj Meridian mall got you covered. On the 4th Floor of this prodigious mall, there is promised a bar and disco setup for you to celebrate every single happiness in your life.

Increasing Investment Opportunities in Nathdwara

With the arrival of Meridian Mall in the city, there is an introduction to a huge amount of commercial space for lease in Nathdwara. People from inside the city as well as across the country can apply for the retail space on lease inside the mall. This is going to boost the business in Nathdwara big time. Also, there is also a dedicated office space for lease that can commercialize the mall to another extent.

Not only the inside architecture of the mall is supremely organized, but it also is its location very thoughtfully chosen. It sits amid the beautiful Nathdwara Tourism Triangle, covering the 3 most eminent tourist spots namely, Statue Of Belief, Shrinath Ji Temple and Rajsamand Lake at the closest distance. So, If you wish to save yourself a spot inside the only shopping mall in Nathdwara, work on it without delaying any further because the mall is surely gonna be the next big thing in the entire Rajsamand.


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