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Why owning a shop inside the mall increases sales?

One-stop shopping has taken a new turn! Malls have a new meaning now – They are known for finding everything under one roof. If you are thinking about a fresh way to revive the declining business, then you can take a hit this way – Mingle retail shopping with full-blown entertainment, i.e., malls. 

Consumers are confident about visiting a mall rather than local stores, and so retailers are looking out for a fanciful way to lure their shoppers, and it is opening up a shop inside the mall. The more people visit the mall, the more they are attracted to your store, and the more they are likely to buy from you. 

With hypermarkets, Miraj Meridian Mall already has visitors from all walks, so if you are still looking for reasons to ‘Why owning a shop inside is beneficial’, then we are here with the reasons that will help you be clear-minded while you invest at the first mall of Nathdwara. 

  • Random Buyers:

Let’s walk in the shoes of a customer. So, you have visited Nathdwara, and you see this big mall – Miraj Meridian, and you are like – ‘Let’s visit and see what it has in store’. This is where you enter the mall, go through different things, take selfies, and your eyes stop at a shop, you are going to visit it. And you will buy something, right? So, if you own a shop in a mall, no matter what, people are going to visit the mall, and also visit stores. This way, you will have visitors, and your smart salesman team can work on it and get sales. 

  • 24*7 Visitors:

A mall is a place that people can’t think of missing. So, whether it is a festival or a regular day, you can expect visitors. Plus, Miraj Meridian Mall has fantastic connectivity. It is the first mall in Nathdwara; people from Udaipur, Rajsamand, Ahmedabad, and even the entire Gujarat will visit Nathdwara for all the nearby attractions – Shrinath Ji Temple, Statue Of Belief, and lakes nearby. So, you can expect visitors 24*7. 

  • Your product range will be exposed:

If you own a unique product in the mall, you will surely attract visitors to buy. And, not only this, if your product goes viral through word-of-mouth in Nathdwara or any other city, people will then visit the mall for your shop only. If you are looking for brand exposure and cannot find a way out, opening up a shop in a Mall can get you fabulous sales and let your brand make recognition in a new city. 

  • Hyperlocal Targeting:

When it comes to targeting a big city, it is harder to dream of it. What if you start from a hyperlocal or we may say – relating to or focusing on matters concerning a small geographical area, then it is undoubtedly a thing that you can try without any doubts. Hyperlocal targeting will get you customers, and there is no ultimate place other than Malls – The entertainment hub. 

With one target, you will achieve the sales target! 

  • Easy identification of buyers persona:

Being the first mall in Nathdwara, Miraj Meridian Mall is a place where local people and visitors like to spend time – eating, shopping, and watching movies. The mall attracts all the people from every walk of life, so, when they visit your shop in the mall, you will have the data of people who visit your store and are interested in your products. This way, you make a buyer persona. Hold events and hold any other form of entertainment, and you will have the data in your hand. 

So, the points mentioned above are why owning a shop in the mall can get you sales. Nathdwara’s 1st Mall calls you to be a part of it, where are you? Contact us, +918875000453 for more information. 


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