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Your Apparel Shop At Nathdwara’s First Mall!

Owning a clothing store is hard work, and the same is true for just about any business. The key is in the location of the store. The better the location, the better the footfall. The margins on clothes are excellent, but are you at the right location?

Miraj Meridian Mall brings you a special offer to open your clothing apparel store at the mall. We have got an amazing opportunity, and this is going to be beneficial for you. 

Your Apparel Shop At Nathdwara’s First Mall!

A good location is an important step to the success of a clothing business. For small businesses, the advantages to opening a clothing store in a busy area like malls can result in improved revenue and increased brand exposure. 

Here is what you get to invest in a shop at Nathdwara’s first mall – 

01. Increased foot traffic:

Malls have great footfall everyday! People head towards the mall for their daily needs and this is what you want for your shop. Plus, you have ample opportunities to showcase the offers or discounts. All you have to do is put up a sign anywhere in the mall, or on the social media page of the mall, and you can grab the attention of the people. 

The large amount of foot traffic in a busy area offers you an already made customer base that will surely visit your shop no matter if they’ve come for just roaming. 

02. Experiment with multiple marketing options:

A good business requires a great marketing plan! And, being a business owner, you must understand the importance of advertising. You can experiment with whatever you want in the mall, you can come up with campaign ideas or discounts that you can post over at your social media page or the page of the Mall, and get a great response. People trust shops in the mall, and this is where your marketing plan becomes effective. 

03. A wider exposure to every age-group customers:

A busy location offers a wide variety of potential customers! This comes from different demographics and age-groups. You can note down the kind of customers you get, and accordingly plan the campaigns or offers to sell more quickly. 

At Miraj Meridian Mall, the shops for lease are available at just INR 40/-. And, with this, you get everything that you need your business/brand to have exposure. Being an entertainment hub in Nathdwara, the mall attracts visitors, and also people plan a day out at our mall. 

These are the things that you have to consider while shortlisting a shop for lease. Are you ready to be at India’s most favourite tourist hub? Nathdwara’s first mall is open for booking a shop. 


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