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5 Things you will love about Miraj Meridian Mall

5 Things you will Love about Miraj Meridian Mall

The first mall in Nathdwara opens soon and we can’t wait to share all the amazing features it is loaded with for fun, entertainment and of course shopping! For our generation Z, it becomes arbitrary to spend some casual time with friends and family to always keep the happy quotient high. And why not, being happy should be the first thing everyone we should be worried about. Arrr… okay, that got a bit ironical in writing but you got what we meant, right? 

So, as we were saying Miraj Meridian mall is the only mall in Nathdwara and is about to change the course of entertainment out here duly. Globally famous for being a major spiritual tourist hotspot, it can be said it is going to relinquish entirely different experience to not only the locals but also for the tourist assemblage. Opening up a way for international exposure, there are infinite fun-raging possibilities arising now. But since we have limitations on time, we decided to reveal the top 5 things you will absolutely love about Miraj Meridian Mall:

1. Party Lounge

Gone will be the days when you had to look up to Udaipur to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and rush back to Nathdwara fast since you were getting too late. Having an international party lounge in Nathdwara will be a solution to all your celebration problems. Especially if you are a party animal you know where we are going with this talk. Bar and music- the perfect combination to lighten up your mood and slow eradication of the heaviness of your mundane life- party lounge in Nathdwara would be your very own happy zone.

Lip-smacking food preparations and the ambience of the whole party lounge is something you can’t resist. It is like walking into a totally different world, given the degree of change it will bring in our lives.

2. Food Court

Not always we feel like eating the same old, same old. And when you have India’s best food restaurant chains just around the corner, are you sure you will be able to say no to yummy, lip-smacking international cuisines. High-end dinners and food courts there is so much you can explore if you are a foodie. Also, Hotel Country Inn and Suites have their very own restaurant planned out in the mall along with luxury stay unit.

All in all, at Miraj Meridian Mall you will fall in love with food even deeply having tasted the best food preparations and famous foreign food recipes.

3. Spas

Even on Sundays when you are not able to refill your quota for fun and relaxation, trust us Miraj Meridian Mall is the answer. Every now and then you need to take a time out and open the knot to rejuvenate yourself for another hectic week. And what place better than Spas at Miraj Meridian Mall. These serene spa spaces are gorgeous and explicit in the relinquishing the sense of calm in you, we say let the sense linger longer. Find exclusive international massages, beauty treatments, and deep relaxation sessions just at Miraj Meridian, the only mall in Nathdwara.

4. Multiplex

Yes! Multiplex in Nathdwara, you read that right. Dolby sound, comfy seating, stunning waiting lounge with a yummy snack corner, it is like a dream come true. While there was not even a single screen in Nathdwara for cinema exhibition, Miraj Meridian Mall is the concierge of world-class cinematic experience out here in the Nathdwara. Miraj Cinemas is coming in Nathdwara, having two screens it is all set to serve you with international and national movie experiences.

5. Shopping

What greater love than shopping. The multi-brand shopping mall in Nathdwara is all set to open the doors for fashion in this touristy suburb. Experience the quality and uniqueness of brands under one single roof with modern entertainment units. Supermarkets, Hypermarkets and high-street retails are all out here waiting for your exploration.

Signing Off

In short, Miraj Meridian Mall is not just the introducer of mall culture in Nathdwara, but we are also concierge of fun and everything entertaining. Even if you are tourist, Nathdwara now has something amazingly fun out here other than spiritual. It is like a dip into the peace and refueling your spirits with the unprecedented line-up we have out here. Country Inn and Suites coming in Nathdwara now, get to plan a perfect vacay to enjoy the pool, sports bars, lounges, high-diner, and food courts. And of course, shopping too!


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