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How can going to the mall help you redeem yourself the entire week

7 Reasons why one can go to Mall Everyday

Modern-day atrocities of bearing the workload and grappling to and fro between the home and workplace sucks the happiness out of an individual. Things keep cluttering in your life and you just do not get time to unwind and relax. We all tend to procrastinate on taking care of our inner peace and contentment, as a result of which we daily wake up with a bummer of a mood. To avoid this piling of vexation, one must take care of their self on a daily basis. Also, with the blissful summer vacations on the roll, students find it difficult to spot a place where they can escape the sweltering sun. They often tend to stay at home living on their Smartphone.

Going out to the places that make you feel refreshed, is the ultimate key to saving your soul in the world that feeds on the output of your sanity. We need to create a balance, in order to avoid excessive exhaustion by dealing with our everyday stress on a daily basis. We have friends and family to hang out with. But it feels really mundane and inconvenient to daily go to the same café or bar again and again. With the advent of Shopping malls, we now have an expanded set of options to choose from that can help us enjoy. Even for students, shopping malls are a whole world full of myriad entertainment options to satiate their fun quotient. Similarly, Meridian Mall Nathdwara has also provided people with various entertainment options. So much that, if you choose one for each day, the entire week can be spent happily.

Just for the sake of fun, we have created a list of miscellaneous tasks one can do at the mall each day in a week, to feel satiated. Take a look:

1. Spa Therapy to shoo the Monday blues

It is a far-fetched idea to go on a vacation in every few months to drive your frustration out. So, one can be practical and deal with their daily stress carefully. Mondays are the days when people are the most pissed. Going for a luxurious spa therapy right after your work, can help you recharge yourself to be able to survive the entire week.

2. Game zone for Tuesday to keep the ninja inside you alive

When we go to the office and work tirelessly, our enthusiasm tends to fall below the line. You can go to the shopping mall near you and enjoy with your friends in the game zone there. This activity helps boost your creativity as well as takes care of your happiness meter. Meridian mall also has an amazing high-end play area that may have Billiards, 8 ball pool and various other amusing games for your merriment.

3. Grocery shopping for being responsible for Wednesdays

On Wednesday, people can simply complete their duties as a responsible member of the family. Go to the supermarket inside the mall and buy all the daily and dietary requirements at the most cost-efficient prices. You can simply listen to the music, compare the various products and then make a wiser purchase, at a super relaxed pace. Such is the magic of Supermarkets.

4. Shop till you drop on Thursdays

No more ignorance towards the self-pampering. At this day of the week, you can simply enter into the mall, and get your hands on high fashion clothes and accessories at amazing deals. You can also read our previous blog, about the importance of shopping from the shopping mall that will motivate you enough to make use of your Thursday. After all, the weekend is around the corner, and you need to keep your fashion game on.

5. Watch a masala movie to fulfill your Friday fun:

Why do you think movie-makers continuously work on creating amazing cinemas every week? Obviously, to fill our entertainment quota every Friday! Shopping malls, now also have lush cinema halls with mega screens and gourmet recliners to render you the best movie-watching experience. Meridian mall has extremely luxurious Miraj multiplex adjoined with food court so that you can even eat while you enjoy your movie.

6. Be a party animal On Saturday Nights

Who needs a reason to party when it is the last working day of the week! We tend to get tired of working or studying the entire week. Since we worked hard, it’s time to play hard as well. So, on Saturdays, we get to go out with our friends or alone to socialize and party. Dancing your heart out releases endorphins that give you a natural high. You can go to the stunning lounges in the malls and enjoy your Saturdays there. Good news? Meridian mall in Nathdwara is also going to have a super stellar party lounge.

7. Spare time for your family On Sundays

Sundays are so blissful that we kind of start feeling the fear of them coming to an end. But after spending the entire week with friends and everyone else, most people spare Sundays to spend time with family. The mall can save your soul here as well. You can take your family to the mall where they can enjoy open entertainment and shopping, along with dining at the high end dining restaurants. There are some amazing multi-cuisine and continental dining choices available in the Meridian mall, Nathdwara.

This does not end here. Malls nowadays also have dedicated space for extravagant seminar halls that can be used for professional meetings or even social gatherings. So, we have made an easy and fun schedule for you guys to keep yourself charged all throughout the week. Meridian Mall is located at the closest proximity to the Statue of Belief, which is World’s tallest Shiva statue as high as 351 Ft. The exhilarating view that it is going to render is going to be a reason enough to drive you to the mall each day.


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