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Top 8 tourist attractions in and near Udaipur that are a must visit

Top 8 tourist attractions in and near Udaipur that are a must visit

Udaipur is one picturesque city of Rajasthan that is filled with so many tourist attractions that people around the world just can’t get enough of it. People from around the globe come and again to simply feel lost by wandering through its enchanting narrow streets. They love sitting beside its enrapturing lakes and water bodies. The vintage beauty that the city beholds makes both the habitants as well the visitors fall in love with this place.

At every turn, inside this city, you will find something worth stopping by and capturing. Not only is the city known for its aesthetics, but the areas surrounding its boundaries are also equally beguiling. Udaipur attracts a lot of visitors every year with its royal history. Anybody who gets enthralled seeing the ancient architecture and the stories of kings from the bygone era, find Udaipur amazing. Udaipur has a range of palaces-turned-luxury hotels that can help you enjoy the luxuriant lifestyle and helps you forget about all the stress and fatigue. But if you have explored the entire city once, you can go a little further to discover some of the amazing attraction points that are located at its closest proximity. So, I will list the top 8 astounding attraction places in and near Udaipur:

1. Kumbalgarh Fort

Standing on the western range of beautiful Aravali Hills, Kumbhalgarh is one of the most Heritage Property built by Rana Kumbha in the 15th Century. Not only does the render have a spectacular view, in fact, the walls of the fort extend over 38 km, making it one of the few longest continuous walls across the globe. It is the second largest fort in India after the royal Chittorgarh Fort. It has an interesting history that keeps the visitors amazed and its rich architecture makes it one of a kind property. In fact, the government of Rajasthan organizes an annual festival in the fort to celebrate the Love of Maharaja Kumbha for art and architecture. Various cultural events and dance shows are organized during the celebration and so many various temples inside the fort are decorated.

2. Haldighati

Known for the historical battle of Haldighati that was fought here, Haldighati is a pass way carved beautifully between the Aravali Hills of Rajasthan. Situated at a distance of up to 40 Km from Udaipur, this mountain pass holds significant historical importance. The name “Haldighati” is coined based on the belief that it was originated from the turmeric yellow soil of the land.

3. Mount Abu

This hill station lying in the lap of Aravali hills is also known as the “Oasis in the desert”. Lying amongst the hills makes it home to serene lakes, waterfalls, and forests. It is the nearest chilly hideout from the scorching high temperature in Rajasthan. This elevated hill station Of Rajasthan has several picturesque temples and beautiful places by the lake.  One can feel the spiritual peace at the headquarters of Brahmakumari Aashram.

4. Rajsamand Lake

This beautiful lake flows near the town of Rajsamand is known for its ancient beauty. It has super amazing and elongated run. Built across river Gomti, river Kelva and river Tali, this lake has a catchment area as big as 196 Sq meters.

5. City Palace, Udaipur

Words fall short to describe the flamboyance of this spacious palace. It is sure to give you an ode to the era of bygone princely times when everything used to be extremely regal. It is a palace complex, located near the lake Pichola, which makes it one of its kinds. Built atop a hill, this palace has a blend of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. This is a palace that one must visit to get the worth-capturing panoramic view of the city.

6. Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara


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Beautiful temple structure and the beauty of the Shrinathji idol is impeccable. Shrinathji symbolizes Lord Krishna when he held the Govardhan parvat (a hill) over his finger to save the life of an entire village.

Therefore, the deity of Shrinath Ji has its left hand raised and the right hand bunged in a fist.

Carved out from black marble stone, the idol is worshipped by so many people across India.

A mere sight of this holy shrine is so pleasing that people from all over India travel To Nathdwara, especially to get the Darshan.

Also, outside the Temple, you get to eat the super tasty breakfast and mouth-watering sweets.

To experience spiritual zeal, this place is a must visit when you are in Mewar.

7. Statue Of Belief

People from all around the world will come to see the magnanimity of this world’s tallest Shiva statue in Nathdwara. Statue of Belief will be made inside the Tatpadam Upavan which will be a wholesome entertainment spot. The statue of Belief will be surrounded with lush gardens and miscellaneous fun activities around, to boost the allurance of this place.

8. Meridian Mall in Nathdwara

At the closest proximity to the colossal Statue Of Belief, Meridian mall is the next best thing one must go to visit when in Nathdwara. This mall is going to be the first premium mall of Rajsamand, making way for all the high-end luxuries and entertainment options. Nathdwara will experience a wave of fun and leisure with the lush cinema hall, exclusive brand outlets for food, fashion, and electronics as well as a luxury hotel in Nathdwara.  

All these places are well sorted and famous attraction points near Udaipur that must be on your roadmap while you are willing to explore the city. It is advisable to visit all these places during monsoon season, that escalates the view manifold and makes Udaipur look even more beautiful. Not only is this place fun-filled and heavenly, but also the people here are warm and welcoming. You will have the best travel experience of your life exploring Udaipur and the places nearby.


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