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Top 10 Reasons why shopping at mall is better than online shopping

Health and Fun: A new perspective of Miraj Meridian Mall

It is predicted that most of the people today fill up their cupboards and closet with the trendiest items that they buy online while sitting on their couch. Online shopping is appealing and has its own benefits, but with the increase in adoption of a sedentary lifestyle, there is a massive increase in cases of depression, anxiety, obesity, and other health-related issues. Shopping is a fun activity and one must not do it just for the sake of doing. This can kill the thrill and entertainment that can be enjoyed while going out for shopping other than shopping online. In fact, combining physical exercise with retail therapy is going to be the best solution to this problem.

Since the advent of shopping malls, people have always found it favorable to go out and have the best time of their lives spent there. Not only can you shop from high-end fashions stores, but can also enjoy game zones, Cineplex, etc. inside a shopping mall. Although it is completely true that binge shopping online is the most comfortable and enjoyable in its own way, this can’t let the culture of shopping malls obsolete. There are certain reasons why shopping malls are a necessity for people of all the age groups. Give a read to find out.

1. You get good exercise

Whether it is the scorching summers or teeth-chattering winters, there is a suitable temperature maintained inside the shopping mall, so that you are left with no excuse to stay back at home. A shopping mall has plenty of open space, where you can wander around while having fun shopping around. Drop the idea of using escalators and choose to climb up the stairs to improve your muscle strength and maintain the health of your joints.

Meridian Mall in Nathdwara is also widely spread; with ample inside space for moderate physical activity. And the best part is that you will not even realize how many steps you walked while enjoying the retail therapy.

2. Stress goes away

To be honest, nothing can be more stress-relieving than strolling through the mall doing window shopping along with enjoying some good music and entertainment buzzing around. It has been known and accepted as a fact that when in stress, people tend to go out and shop to lower their stress levels. Going to a retail mall that adjoins food court, game zones, and other amusement factors can be an ultimate mood lifter. At Nathdwara, Meridian Mall also has all the qualities that can pull the negativity out of your life with its amazing aura.

3. Enjoy entertainment all around

Shopping malls nowadays do not completely rely on shopping alone. In fact, the focus has been shifted on creating more entertainment, recreational activities and introducing high-end culinary activities as well. Miraj Meridian Mall in Nathdwara brings the first ever open atrium inside the mall, for everyone to chill and enjoy live entertainment. Such events appeal to the youth as well as to the kids, thus making it a favorite hotspot to retaliate. One can also watch a movie inside the lavish cinema house inside the mall.

4. Enhances good mood

Studies suggest that shopping triggers the pleasure centers inside the brain and give a rush to the happy hormone dopamine. Shopping with bargaining might look tiring, but the pleasure of winning the bid is unsurpassable. People feel more content when they try the fit and buy the thing the genuinely loved.

5. Malls are weatherproof

You do not have to worry if it’s raining cats and dogs outside or it is getting freezing cold. The problem of facing inclement weather can just not stop you from coming to the mall to enjoy your own time.

6. You may feel physically relaxed

With the augmentation of elite spa services inside the Mall premises, just relax your senses and feel the most productive. There are massage chairs on various floors inside the mall, for you to stop by and redeem yourself while judging the passersby.

7. Shopping malls boost the economy

There are so many retail stores in the mall that require presentable staff who can understand the customer and convince them better. Also, when local shops get shifted inside the malls, their sales definitely get boosted with a heavy influx of tourists and natives. Plus the aura of the mall is so soothing that people tend to purchase a lot.

8. Hungry? No problem

Meridian mall, like many other phenomenal malls, has a dedicated space for food court where you can stop by and satiate your hungry self. With an array of exquisite dining options, you will never have to worry about your food.

9. You bond with your family

When at home we tend to tease and irritate each other in a family. But when we go out together for a movie, for shopping or for a family dinner, things get better. With the provision of all such facilities under the same roof, a shopping mall is the best place to go out with your family.

10. Off-course it’s a one-stop shop

Can you imagine buying a TV, Mobile, pizza, and jewellry all under the same roof? A Shopping mall is, undoubtedly, a one-stop shopping destination for all age groups, bringing high end branded stores available for you.

Thus, it is time to drop the idea of virtual shopping and hit the shopping mall near you. Being the first shopping mall in Nathdwara, Miraj Meridian Mall also encompasses all the facilities that can take you to the realm of fun and relaxation.


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