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Miraj Meridian Mall is bringing the high-end luxury spa lounge inside the mall

Curative Benefits of a Spa to help you feel Relaxed Inside Out

It is of utmost importance sometimes to shut off the external stimulation and work on achieving inner peace. We are busy urbanites, who exhilarate themselves all throughout the day. While ferrying your kids back and forth to their schools and tuitions or while slogging to meet the office deadlines, we kind of lose ourselves amidst the rush. Therefore, all we need is some well-deserved pampering treatment.

So what do we do to fulfill the purpose? Spa therapy helps you indulge in some quality ‘me’ time that reaps you benefits more than the realm of the physical alone. Modern-day spa therapy helps you alienate yourself, relax, detox and rejuvenate yourself. They cater you with healing services to help you re-awaken your dormant senses. Soothing enough? We know, there aren’t many palatial Spa lounges in Nathdwara. So, to surpass the definition of comfort, Miraj Meridian Mall presents high-end luxury spa lounge. The spa lounge will be catering to some amazing health-promoting experience to satiate your souls.

Although we know how relaxing spa therapy is, we are here mentioning some of the wonders spa does to our mind and soul:

1. Weight Reduction

The heat treatment our bodies are exposed to during spa is very effective in burning the toxins inside the body. ‘Eating on-the-go’ and heedless eating habits often lead to our body storing fat and toxins that make us look unfit. So, if you can’t spare time out for a workout on a regular basis, then a spa treatment comes to your rescue. Spa lounges have sauna rooms or sweat rooms, which give you a relaxing steam bath after you have taken the massage. Your body experiences improved circulation because of the redistribution of fat cells throughout the body. Also, the athletes or active people prefer spa solution after an effective workout, because that helps the muscles to relax and heal the cramps.

2. Relieving from chronic pain situations

Chronic pain situations like Arthritis, sciatica and muscle spasms can be treated with regular spa therapies. Since we know improved blood circulation leads to the proper distribution of oxygen and nutrients all over the body. It is because of this even distribution of vital nutrients, that our immune system gets boosted. Important hormones like serotonin are released that makes us feel content and many new cells are formed. It kind of recharges the body with the blocked or deficient elements, thus helping a lot in recovery.

3. Balancing the yin and yang

The healing touch of the skilled therapists helps our body relax. All our hormones get balanced making you feel energized. Water offers yin and yang, so when the body is submerged in water, the body feels balanced. This equilibrium makes our body, mind, and soul feel fed.

4. Recharging the entire body

The skilled masseuses help you meditate and regain your sanctity with healing aura. With the growing number of victims of panic attacks, depression, and migraines, it is very much recommended by the psychological experts to redeem yourself often with the help of spa sessions. Activities like yoga and spa help boost your creativity. You do not necessarily have to take out time everyday out from your routines; in fact, one can simply utilize their weekend for the spa.

5. Look youthful, Feel confident

The therapeutic muds that are used in the spa lounges, eliminates toxins and helps to increase the circulation. As a result, that makes your skin glow radiantly. With its remineralizing effect, spa therapy replenishes and boosts the moisture of the skin. Spa sessions stimulate our lymphatic system, which in turn, polishes and exfoliates our skin. People tend to go to malls near then, to enjoy their weekends. Now, along with the ample entertainment, there will be a lush spa lounge in the meridian mall. A spa session helps promote cellular renovation by refining your pores, thus helping your skin look beautiful and uniform.

6. Feel content and more productive

Once you get your body relaxed through the spa, your body finds its way to thank you. You will immediately realize that you are relaxed and your mind has become so much more productive. You will be able to sleep better and even feel de-stressed. So, Why not try things that bring so much positivity in your life?

Spa regimens are the most recommended alternatives for maintaining the balance in your mind as well as physical health. Also, if you are content within, you are surely going to be more social and you will be able to give your cent percent in all your relationships. Spa therapy might also encourage healthy eating habits in you sometimes.

So, with these never-ending benefits, the spa industry is only going to grow. So, to introduce the best method of maintaining holistic health development, Nathdwara will have its most lush spa lounge inside the prestigious Meridian Mall.


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