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admin April 30, 2021

Your Apparel Shop At Nathdwara’s First Mall!

Owning a clothing store is hard work, and the same is true for just about any business. The key is in the location of the store. The better the locati

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admin April 29, 2021

Miraj Meridian Mall is still following the COVID-19 protocols!

Malls and shopping centres are public venues that often lead to the spread of disease, and we at Miraj Meridian are pretty aware of it and are taking

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admin April 24, 2021

Summer 2021 Women Styles By M-finity!

While it has been a quiet year for the world, fashion is something that makes us super-happy. And, to women, it is an anti-depressant and a mood-lifte

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admin April 23, 2021

Summer 2021 Style For Men By M-Finity

Searching for a place to shop in Nathdwara? We have got your back with our M-finity! Today, we are sharing the summer 2021 style for easy, breezy, and

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admin April 19, 2021

Meridian Mall Gets Hotter With Amazing Discounts!

It is getting hotter at Miraj Meridian Mall!  No, it is not because of the rising temperature, and scorching heat (Though it is a super hot summer

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admin March 26, 2021

Bura Mano Even If Holi Hai! – An Initiative by Miraj Meridian Mall

For once, let’s remove the colours of Holi and see the real colours. We are harming animals unknowingly; we are not taking the consent of putting co

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admin March 24, 2021

Celebrate the colours of happiness with Miraj Meridian Mall!

After months of being closed, people were missing the ambience of a cinema. And, we believe you might be missing it too? Your favourite stars on the b

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admin March 22, 2021

Things to do in Nathdwara – SHOPPING!

A town that is most famous for its temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, known as Shrinath Ji, also has a lot to offer you. Located a little away from Uda

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admin March 20, 2021

5 Irresistible milkshakes at Meridian Mall to cool you down!

The weather has changed, and it is getting hotter and hotter each day. But not at Meridian Mall. We have the coolest joint for you to come and enjoy.

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admin March 14, 2021

Everything you need to know before visiting Nathdwara ShrinathJi Temple!

Are you planning to visit Nathdwara anytime soon? Well, you have to be super careful about everything. From the Shrinath Ji Temple timings to the b

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admin March 13, 2021

Here are some tips to plan an entire day in Nathdwara – PART 2

Continuing… Here we will be discussing the places to eat in Nathdwara.  Nathdwara is also a foodie paradise! The local cuisines will leave yo

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admin March 12, 2021

Here are some tips to plan an entire day in Nathdwara – PART 1

Being a traveller, it is your dire duty to plan it all out before the actual dates to visit the town. It is super-important to have an itinerary in yo

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admin February 25, 2021

Places to visit near Nathdwara Temple for a peaceful experience!

If you are searching for the best places to visit near Nathdwara Temple for a divine and peaceful experience, then you are in the right place. Here we

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admin February 17, 2021

Meridian Mall Brought A Revolution – Know How!

Nathdwara has always been a tourist place! People from all over the world love to visit this town because of the Shrinathji’s Temple. The terms are

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admin February 15, 2021

Best Hotels To Stay In Nathdwara

Nathdwara - A town that has a lot of emotions attached! Located in the north-eastern of the city of lakes - Udaipur, and situated at the banks of Bana

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admin February 12, 2021

The Mystery Behind Shrinathji Temple

Ever thought that you walked down the lanes of Nathdwara - what is behind those old, archaic and traditional temples? What is the history of this temp

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admin February 6, 2021

What your Bar & Lounge needs – IS HERE AT THE FIRST MALL OF NATHDWARA!

So, you want to open a bar? But, no locality in Nathdwara appears to be right? For obvious reasons, there is a Shrinath Ji temple in the town. B

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admin February 5, 2021

Love is in the air at Miraj Meridian Mall

Excited? Nervous? Or waiting for your crush to come across? Valentine’s day brings in a whirlwind of emotions. It offers lovers many ways to express

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admin January 24, 2021

Meet the jewel master – Kavyanjali At Miraj Meridian Mall!

An outfit is incomplete without jewellery! So, if you have ever received a comment like - ‘Hey, your outfit looks incomplete in some way.’, then p

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admin January 21, 2021

Food Paradise In Meridian Mall!

Food is what makes a great mood! And, we at Miraj Meridian Mall take it very seriously. We know how shopping can be draining, deciding between two fan

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admin January 19, 2021

New Year New Offers – Celebration Begins At Miraj Meridian Mall!

Yay to the new year! Yes, we have gone through a lot in 2020, but we are hoping that this year is going to be a rocking one. If you are the one that l

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admin January 18, 2021

Miraj Meridian Mall – An Ultimate Destination For Your Shop!

Are you a business owner? Yes? We would like to ask you a question - What is the one thing that gets you the idea that your business is doing great? C

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admin January 12, 2021

Celebrate Makar Sankranti At Miraj Meridian Mall

The festival of kites is here! Makar Sankranti is an Indian festival celebrated in almost all parts of India and Nepal in different cultural forms. 

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admin January 3, 2021

Why Shopping From Mall Will Be Always Close To Our Heart!

E-commerce has put traditional retail under a lot of pressure and this is how the spurring debate comes on the surface - Is offline shopping still wor

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admin December 28, 2020

Why owning a shop inside the mall increases sales?

One-stop shopping has taken a new turn! Malls have a new meaning now - They are known for finding everything under one roof. If you are thinking about

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admin December 22, 2020

Why Is It The Best Time To Invest In Miraj Meridian Mall, Nathdwara?

In this critical phase of the novel coronavirus, there has been a  slowdown in all the sectors of the world from the real estate market to the stocks

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admin December 20, 2020

Survive the recession like a pro by investing right at Miraj Meridian

What goes up comes down eventually! And, this is what happened when the world was visited unexpectedly by a virus, COVID-19. It struck hard on the eco

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admin December 15, 2020

Miraj Meridian Mall: One Of The Biggest Investment Opportunity

With the world changing dynamically, everyone is planning to make the best out of their lives and there are multiple options in the world out there fo

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admin December 12, 2020

5 things to do apart from shopping at Meridian Mall

The mall is not just a place where you can go shopping; it is more than that! It is about spending the entire day with fun and frolic activities. Whil

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admin December 8, 2020

Things to consider while taking a shop on lease

What does it take to open up a shop at a new location on a lease? It takes your business, your product range, and money. Right? But, what are the thin

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admin December 4, 2020

Be Winter-Ready With Miraj Meridian Mall!

Winter is here! And, your Instagram is perhaps flooded with winter outfit inspirations from your favourite influencer. But, instead of thinking about

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admin December 2, 2020

This Could Be The Most Benefitting Place To Open A Coffee Shop

Are you a coffee shop owner? Yes? So, you might be basically limited to your area or town, right?  But do you know - Investing in a new loca

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admin November 21, 2020

Miraj Meridian Mall- Time To Double Your Investment Through Tourism

If you’re looking to invest your money in something that turns out to be extremely fruitful in the coming years, then Miraj Meridian brings to you a

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admin November 15, 2020

Inspirations For Your Nine-to-five Closets At Miraj Meridian

The back-to-work season is all here!  There might be a few people who would feel a little strange or unfamiliar while heading to the office after

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admin November 7, 2020

Visitors Pouring Their Love Over Meridian Mall!

Meridian is such a vibe! Meridian, oh that’s a one-stop destination for my family!  My kids didn’t leave the mall the whole day!  We di

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admin November 2, 2020

Delightful Tourist Places In Nathdwara You Must Visit

If you’re planning to make your winter holidays worth remembering, then we have something that will surely make your holidays the liveliest and the

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admin October 22, 2020

Why Basic? Try Some Mix And Match Fashion With Meridian!

The festive season is here and what is it without fashion and some drama? It’s time to jive to the tunes of fashion with not going basic but turning

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admin October 19, 2020

9 Days. 9ways. Make Your Navratri Special!

The Navratri vibes are all here and there is no better chance for us to go shopping, have fun with friends and family and make the most out of it. 

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admin October 14, 2020

Are You Ready For The Upcoming Trends To Go With This Festive Season?

The fashion industry is one of the most lit industries we have in the world! And this coming festive season, don’t you think you should get pumped u

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admin October 7, 2020

Are You Ready For The Much Needed Diwali Makeover?

The festive season is approaching and Diwali is one of those festivals which needs you to look the best at all aspects. It’s time to revamp your l

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admin October 2, 2020

This Winter Stay Warm And Stylish With The Best Fashion Brands!

Winters are approaching and there is something magical about this season that makes us love it so much. Frosty mornings call for some hot chocolate an

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admin September 22, 2020

Miraj Meridian Mall Adding Value To The Citylife Of Nathdwara

When you move to a new destination for work or any other purpose, what are those top things that you probably look for? The entertainment centres like

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admin September 19, 2020

Take A Trip To Nathdwara And Relish At Different Stops

When we talk about Udaipur, it is one of those places which makes you feel relaxed with filling your heart to the fullest extent. And, if we take

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admin September 14, 2020

Men’s Fashion at Nathdwara is Going International- Miraj Meridian Mall

Undoubtedly, malls are becoming one of the biggest parts of our lives. Nowadays, malls are just not a shopping destination but they’re turning more

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admin September 10, 2020

Miraj Meridian Mall Is Back Into Action with All the Safety Measures

Meridian Mall had been waiting in the wings for so long to function among the never-ending chasm that has disrupted our lives for the past few months.

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admin September 3, 2020

Here is the Promising Future of Nathdwara-Miraj Meridian Mall

Put on those fancy shoes that you dreamt of last night, slip into that classy attire, dive into some lip-smacking food, get yourself spoilt for a day!

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admin July 19, 2019

Features that Work in the Favour of Popularity for a Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are full of life, so much so that they are loved by one and all, age no bar. As soon as we enter the mall, we get to hear differen

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admin June 28, 2019

Know the Benefits of Leasing Commercial Space in Meridian Mall

Leasing retail space is one tiresome task that calls for a lot of effort and time invested in researching the various factors. It takes smart pla

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admin June 22, 2019

How can Nathdwara be an Ideal destination to go on a small vacation?

Out of 365 days in the calendar, there are approx 60 holidays plus the weekends here in India. In addition to that, there are so many holidays th

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admin June 15, 2019

How can Shopping Malls be a perfect place for your Employees’ day out?

Offices are the place where one has to be their most productive self. People work on their dream job and give their 100 percent. But monotony in

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admin June 12, 2019

Shopping Malls are the new Office Spaces

Setting up our own personal office is a dream that resides in our heart. But growing up to knowing the extremities one has to deal with in settin

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admin June 10, 2019

Top 8 tourist attractions in and near Udaipur that are a must visit

Udaipur is one picturesque city of Rajasthan that is filled with so many tourist attractions that people around the world just can’t get enough

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admin June 5, 2019

7 Reasons why one can go to Mall Everyday

Modern-day atrocities of bearing the workload and grappling to and fro between the home and workplace sucks the happiness out of an individual. T

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admin June 3, 2019

5 Things you will Love about Miraj Meridian Mall

The first mall in Nathdwara opens soon and we can’t wait to share all the amazing features it is loaded with for fun, entertainment and of cour

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admin June 1, 2019

Health and Fun: A new perspective of Miraj Meridian Mall

It is predicted that most of the people today fill up their cupboards and closet with the trendiest items that they buy online while sitting on t

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admin May 28, 2019

Curative Benefits of a Spa to help you feel Relaxed Inside Out

It is of utmost importance sometimes to shut off the external stimulation and work on achieving inner peace. We are busy urbanites, who exhilarat

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admin May 27, 2019

Advantages of having Food Courts inside the Shopping Malls

Half of our heart belongs to the food and the rest half to the other prioritized things in life. Sticking firmly to this fact, shopping malls hav

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admin May 24, 2019

How Kids Play Area in Shopping Malls Making Shopping more Convenient

Shopping time is the most treasured and private time for women, more than for anyone else, simply because they find it therapeutic. Women have a

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admin May 21, 2019

Miraj Cinema: First Luxury Multiplex in Nathdwara

Don’t we all cherish the days when back in our childhood when our granny used to narrate stories to soothe us to sleep? Those stories used to t

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admin May 20, 2019

How Miraj is bringing out new in the concept of Retail

All around the globe, there are a number of cities that are emerging and evolving because of the creative forces and hard work that drive much-ne

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admin May 18, 2019

Affordable Yet Luxury Stay in Nathdwara

With the evolution of tourism in the town, it becomes the need of an hour to have luxury hotels in Nathdwara. The city has been growing at an imp

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admin May 16, 2019

What New is Coming in Nathdwara in Next 3 Months?

It has turned so boring you know, always categorizing Nathdwara to be an extension of the attraction points near Udaipur. It should hold its own

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admin May 14, 2019

Meridian Mall – The Vibrant Future of Shopping is Here!

Shopping malls in India though penetrated the market in the early 90’s; is a new concept in small towns. Major retail chains have incepted thei

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admin April 16, 2019

Kids Play Area

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admin April 13, 2019


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admin April 13, 2019


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admin April 13, 2019

Organized Mall

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admin April 13, 2019

Party Lounge

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admin April 13, 2019

Miraj Meridian Mall

A modern delight on your Nathdwara Trip!

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