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Features an ideal shopping mall must have

Features that Work in the Favour of Popularity for a Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are full of life, so much so that they are loved by one and all, age no bar. As soon as we enter the mall, we get to hear different sounds of whirling masses and good music all around. With limitless options to have fun, eat, shop, etc. it is one overwhelming place to be at.  It is good to visit malls often, also because at least you will be walking, socializing and not sitting at home in your couch.

The biggest ease of shopping mall is one-stop shopping, i.e., one can buy a dress, accessories that can complement the dress and then the shoes and bags all from the same mall. Meanwhile, you can even grab refreshments. Now imagine the hustle in running on the streets from one shop to another with the sun depriving us of our energy. Difficult right? 

But there are certain things that decide how much a mall will be loved by its audience. The aura of the mall is definitely the major factor that ensures the footfall inside the mall. Read the following other important features shopping malls must have to make an ideal wholesome entertainment space for the visitors:

1. Easy connectivity to Important streets and Roads:

For any place to be prominent and loved by the masses, its location is very crucial. It must be conveniently connected to the nearby attractions or bus stands/ airports. Meridian Mall in Nathdwara is also mindfully located at a location, where visitors can easily get transportation options.

2. Fully secured power backup system:

100 percent power backup is something that can’t be overlooked. The mall must be completely facilitated with alternative resources to facilitate the smooth functioning of the electrically operated work systems.

3. Centralized Air Conditioning:

No mall can be imagined functioning without a proper Centralized air conditioner. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to take care of the maintenance of AC inside the mall, keeping in mind, the fact that people prefer seeing malls, because of the comfort and relaxed aura it offers. Malls are the places that do not have any other source of air evacuation and ventilation, so ACs has to work well to ensure heavy footfall inside the mall.

4. Advanced Security & Surveillance:

Being a public place, malls are places that require a strict check over security and surveillance to build the trust of the visitors about their security. When any person visits the mall, they love to enjoy the facilities inside the mall without any fear of getting pick pocketed or falling victim to any mishap. So, advanced security and surveillance are needed to be installed inside the mall.

5. Updated Fire and Smoke  Detectors:

This is one crucial set up that is needed to be taken care of inside the malls. People of all age groups, flock towards malls to have their good time. So there should be proper facilities, exit doors, etc. that should be there inside the mall, also, fire extinguishers must be installed on every floor to avoid any accident.

6. Well Maintained Elevators, Escalators, and Lifts:

Kids, old people, and pregnant women also find it convenient to choose malls for buying their everyday requirements. So, there have to be a well-maintained elevator, escalators, and lifts to take care of the comfort of the people. Nobody loves to carry big shopping bags meandering floors to floors, of course, it becomes difficult.

7. Apt Trolley Management:

Trolleys are very important to make people go hands-free and enjoy every second they spend inside the mall because this is why they prefer shopping in the malls over street shopping.

8. Well-schemed Parking Space:

The biggest issue, that most of the malls face is at the parking area. So parking space must be big enough to accommodate at least 300 cars at the go. Meridian Mall in Nathdwara has made a parking space wide enough to facilitate parking or more than 350 cars.

9. Hygiene Maintenance:

Floors, corridors, gates, and washrooms inside the mall must be cleaned regularly to keep the traffic coming in. No one appreciates a mall only because of its infrastructure and entertainment alone. Hygiene comes first to maintain a happy and safe aura inside the mall.

10. Proper Sewage and Drainage Management System:

The infrastructure of the mall is a thing that must never be overlooked while the mall is being made. Proper water facility must be ensured and the drainage should also be maintained from time to time, to avoid the occurrence of foul smell. A shopping mall must always be having a great fragrance, to make people feel relaxed and comfortable.

Adding to the list, the design and architecture of the mall also play a crucial role, to transform simple shopping experience into an entertaining one. 

Taking care of all the above facilities, Meridian Mall in Nathdwara, is also sure to attract a lot of visitors. The careful design and provision of good amenities will satisfy and cater to the requirements of modern-day customers, thereby retaining them.


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