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Shopping malls are the new office spaces

Shopping Malls are the new Office Spaces

Setting up our own personal office is a dream that resides in our heart. But growing up to knowing the extremities one has to deal with in setting up and maintaining an office, is tiresome. It takes a lot of human resources as well as proper budget-scheming to run an office successfully. We have to take care of finding good corporate surroundings, stick to a budget, and provide proper internet service, electricity and what not?  But sometimes, we feel exasperated by taking care of all this extra baggage and tend to feel unnecessarily occupied with these things.

But can we imagine a space where all we need to do is just set up our office and line all our attention only towards achieving our goal, without having to worry for anything other than business? Co-working spaces make room for various corporate offices to provide extra-ordinary office space to work together. Not only do startups and freelancers find it an ideal space, but big Companies are also developing an interest in co-working spaces.

Shopping malls have been providing this co-working space, thus saving a considerable percent of conventional office space in big cities. Adoption of this work culture is definitely increasing due to various reasons, the strongest of them all being the installation ease.

Take a look at the list of 6 reasons why shopping malls are the new preferable office places:

1. Cost effective:

Sometimes trying to create an attractive workplace, we go a little over the board and tend to add up more liabilities. Starting the office inside the corporate space demands no big investment, not even near to the amount traditional setup calls for. No setting up the furniture, interiors or even fixtures from the scratch. This is how you can save your budget for a worthy investment.

2. Lesser maintenance issues:

If you have leased an office space inside the mall, you do not have to run here and there to get the maintenance done. These co-working spaces have people appointed to take care of all that. So, you do not have to deal with anything unfruitful that eats your time.

3. Community corporate setup:

Bringing various offices on a common floor makes way for a corporate community. Various people interact about their offices and office culture and exchange a lot of information. Not only that they kind of enjoy at the community events and celebrate various festivals together, thus bringing harmony to work.

4. Better networking opportunities:

With various other corporate offices operating in the neighborhood, one can get exposed to endless opportunities to grow. You are at closest proximity to the various corporate events, organized in the co-working space. You get to attend workshops, motivational talks, etc. that turn out to be very helpful.

5. Easy to set-up:

Generally, these co-working spaces allow various facilities like common pantry services, high-speed internet, and elegant conference rooms and other common recreational spaces. So, this saves you big time from investing in these facilities. All these things come in hand when you opt to choose a co-working space in the mall.

6. Easy talent placement:

There are so many people in the co-working space who are looking for a job change. Similarly, so many offices are looking for fresh talents to hire. So, this work culture bridges the gap between the two to ease the process.

So, if you are planning to start your office, shared office set up is an option to consider. The best part is that you are not even bound to lock your money by investing in the traditional office setup. If a few months after the setup you feel that your idea is not working, you are free to drop the idea. Miraj Meridian mall is also bringing the culture of co-working space, by providing office space on lease. With the well-planned parking, striking interiors and other luxurious amenities all at very economical prices can make an ideal office place.


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