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Shopping malls: A wholesome place to celebrate with your employees

How can Shopping Malls be a perfect place for your Employees’ day out?

Offices are the place where one has to be their most productive self. People work on their dream job and give their 100 percent. But monotony in the job & lack of fun often deprives the motivation out of everyone. As a result, employees start getting vibes of doom and gloom from their workplace eventually. This not only affects the health of the employee but also kills their creativity and output.

All of us to go to work regularly, but “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Therefore, it has now become a crucial aspect of entrepreneurship to take care of their employee’s fun quotient. Similarly, candidates nowadays do not get lured alone with high paychecks. They aspire to work with a team that is playful and like-minded. The antiquated work environment obstructs the flow of creative ideas and was lowers employees’ morale.

Many work organizations keep a “recreation room” for the employees to go and take a break to come back refreshed. But this too gets boring after a certain period of time due to limited options for entertainment. To deal with this problem, it is important for the management to organize a fun-filled day out for the employees each month. This helps the team to interact and bond. Shopping malls are places that take care of the fun, food and all types of entertainment. So, Let us take a look at how shopping malls are the coolest place to hang out with your office mates in the present day:

1. Fun all around

Malls are the liveliest places in the town, where people come to relax and enjoy. There will never be a single dull moment if there is so much merrymaking all around.  It relieves stress and helps the employees take a fun-break. Moreover, this boosts creativity, ultimately leading to increased job satisfaction. They can see the events happening in the open atrium or can play a quick indoor game in the game zone.

2. Numerous options for relaxing

Malls have a lot of options that can help you rejuvenate in no time, like going for a quick window shopping, grab your favorite ice cream, go for a quick 7D movie, etc. The entire office team can even play a game or two inside the game area or can bond over that. They can also relax at the massage chair available in most of the malls. It would be an even better idea to just take a trip to the mall chatting and having fun with your teammates. 

3. Better bonding with the team

If employees get friends with their colleagues, the team becomes more powerful and successful. The formation of this collaborative environment is innate both for the individual as well as for the company. The team that plays and innovates together grows together. So, if the team goes outside the office for a competitive game of bowling or billiards, tend to share a precious bond.

There are increased chances of open communication and transparent work environment if the team spends more time with each other. You can even go out for lunch at high end dining restaurants inside the mall with your team to celebrate even the smallest achievements.

4. Wider space for creativity

The vibe of the shopping mall and that of an office are poles apart. So, when employees find the walls of the office a little obstructing for their positivity to flow, then they need to step out of the office to see a whole world of flying good vibes. A mall is an extravagant place to meander and discover various things. That makes way for a lot of fulfillment and you can feel uncluttered immediately.

5. Enjoy live events and happenings

At the center of the shopping malls, there are common auditoriums that allow various comedy, arts and social events to entertain the visitors. It can be a refreshing get together for everyone.

It is no lie that good incentive, rewards and appreciation are the keys to make your employees happy and satisfied. But with all the credits, a person continues to maintain his sanity as well, then that is going to increase their loyalty towards the company manifold.

Also, nowadays, there is immense growth in adopting co-working space culture. When various offices are set up at close proximity, there are higher chances of having a healthy office environment. Similarly, the Meridian Mall in Nathdwara has also come up with the idea of giving office spaces on lease, to help your organization grow in a happy way.


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